August 12, 2005

Women and Sports

This morning I received an email from a friend of mine who wanted me to join a fantasy football league. I’ve never really been into them or for that much really understood them. So I decided to give it a try and named my team DOMINATRIX (hehehe) with my colors being purple and yellow.

Now I just have to read the directions to actually figure out what the hell I’m doing. Are there any other ladies out there that play fantasy leagues and if so can ya give a sista some pointers?

I love football. It’s just one of the best sports around that the United States has. But let’s face it if we ever got into Rugby, England would kick our ass. Therefore the players here will preserve what common sense they have left by wearing protective padding and hoping for the best. Yet at least we have the good sense to know that we need padding. Personally I have yet to watch a rugby match but probably would throw myself immensely into that just as I would football game (it’s not a pretty site for the faint hearted). Never the less I digress from my original subject.

When Madden 2006 came out this past Tuesday, I won’t lie I wasn’t at all interested, in fact I can’t stand to play sports game on video consoles. I enjoy playing a sport physically and football isn’t any different. Yet one of my best friends who is a HUGE sports freak, bigger than me, had her copy and already talking about what kind of teams she was playing with and what players she was going to have in certain positions. Again I’m looking at her with drool on the side of my mouth and my eyes just staring out into space.

I enjoy sports really I do yet I just can’t get into Madden or anything remotely like it. Yet I can get together with my girls and we can chill drink some alcoholic beverage and watch a game on T.V. and get just as loud and ignorant than our male counterparts.

Now I’ve heard of a Women’s Pro Football League and went on their website to check it out. I thought it was impressive and commend these ladies for wanting to bring another sport that has been known to be dominated by men and show that there is another side to the coin. If we can have a WNBA then why not have a WPFL?

Yet I always wonder will women ever really get the same respect that the men have? Here we have men that make MEGA money and have multi-million dollar contracts playing sports. Yet women if they are lucky MIGHT make some where to a couple of million to within the 6 figure income. I mean look at the WNBA true they do get TV air time but no where NEAR the amount the actual NBA does. I think this is not just a problem on the Professional Level but especially in the Collegiate as well.

What is it that Women sports are missing in general to Men’s sports?

Let me know your thoughts. Peace;)
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