August 12, 2005

Clothes Vs. H.E.W. (heavier endowed women)

I walk into a store and wonder why is it hard to find clothes that flatter a women’s upper area aka buxom bosom. Yes there are stores like Lane Bryant, Old Navy, and Torrid. I still think there is a shortage of stores that cater to women that are horizontally challenge. I used to be able to enjoy going to other cute stores like Express and New York (aka) Learners. Find a cute top and be on my way. Now whenever I go shopping I feel like I have to make a strategic map of wherever I’m going to make sure I hit up certain stores so I feel my shopping experience hasn’t been a total lost and in vain.

Clothes for BIGGER ASSETS have always been an issue. They seem to be non-existent except for MAYBE Lane Bryant. Sometimes I think to myself why don’t I just go and by some bed sheets on sale and just make myself a toga. Sure people will think I’ve lost my natural mind or what’s ever left of it. But At least I’d have my strapless dress, mind u I will probably have to do some hemming along the bottom so I don’t trip.

You would think with the men in this world who enjoy Bigger Breast women and don’t forget also the women (E.O.G) Equal Opportunity Gropers, the fashion industry would try to expand and capitalize on a market that’s just waiting to give them more money. Yet no, even they apparently have limitations, which convert to narrow mindness, on, what they think is sexy. I like to enjoy an evening out and like to look good. Yet it’s hard when I feel as though I have to SETTLE on an outfit, not because it looks cute, but because it FITS.

True they can be hardship A LOT, they do get in my way. Lol Yet for now while I still have them I want to be able to pay homage to them and flatter them as much as possible without coming off looking as though I just got off a shift change from the corner of Kingshighway and Delmar (prostitution for u slow ones). I want to be able to strut my stuff without having to pull on my shirt every couple of seconds hoping the sucker isn’t going to ride up in the front.

Yet I guess the only thing more important then making sure you looking good and saying to hell with it if it doesn’t fit, and you still gonna do you. Keep your self-respect ladies. If you don’t have that, don’t expect anyone else to have it for you either.
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