August 28, 2005

Entry for August 28, 2005

holla peeps;) just wanted to check in with you all. I had to be at my retail job today at 7:30am. i picked up a co-worker so she could make her supervisor meeting. Then the whole store had a team meeting at 8am. We broke out into our special groups, mine being appliances. We read over new materials and then reconviened to the front of the store after 45 minutes. We gave out special honors to employees which im proud to say that I was a recipient of a very cool bag with a coffee thermas, coffee cups, and spoons;)

Then I stayed after the meeting to open up the store in my department. i must say it was verying trying to stay up and not go to sleep on the job. lol Yet I was able to hold my department down. Then my reinforcements came and I took a lunch and long needed nap. We also were scheduled to have a store picnic this evening at St. Ferdinand Playgrounds in Florissant.

It started at 2pm but WHY didnt they start cooking until I got there? Which was 4:45pm? I just don't understand management. lol Yet we had a great time. Playing tackle football and playing volleyball. I had to meet up with a friend of mine and left around 7:40pm so Im at home right now. Just took a shower, first hot then cold and damn if it didn't feel good. I'm in my room right now just relaxin till I hear from my friend to make sure we are still going out. Im watching a DVD set that I bought last night. All my old heads in they late 20's and early 30's should know this one, hold on to your's called THUNDERCATS!!!! and yes I'm watching it with drool from my mouth. I had the biggest crush on Lion-O. lolol

Well i hope you all have a great evening. take care and god bless.
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