August 26, 2005

Hello Everyone

Hello everyone. Just wanted to say hi to everyone and hope you all have a safe weekend. Please read one of my previous blog entries about the DWI checkpoints that will be enforced this weekend in St. Louis as well as the scheduled ones nationwide. I wish I had someplace to go but I’m resigned to just go home and pop in a movie and turn on my jazz station and vibe out. Yet you never know, it is payday for a sista and any day like that is always a good day.

This morning I woke up to my sister coming home with a new hairdo. Looking like one of the ladies from the group Zhane, I must say she looked good and styling as usual. Unfortunately I don’t have a close relationship with my sister. Point blank we don’t get a long. Yet I will say this, I do love her even though most of the time she makes me think wrapping my hands around her throat is REALLY not that bad of an idea at times.

She has always been styling and classy (most of the time). Yet her mannerisms leave a whole lot to be desired, straight A class ghetto. Her mouth moves faster than the neurons shooting off “upstairs”. My dad has been out of town, so it’s just mainly been my mom and I since my sister sees our house as a REST STOP like those on the highway rather than a place that you actually lay your head down and sleep. My shoes finally came in that I ordered from EBAY and let me tell you………….I will be a strutting mutha wherever I go;) I was very pleased and gave the seller all A++++. To see what I like you can go to eBay yourself and lookup my username: msjazz79

I am a lady of many different tastes, but most importantly I am definitely unique;) Again have a safe weekend and hopefully I will update you with something new and exciting, if I actually do it;) lol
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