August 14, 2005

Where's my book of matches???? Contemplating in the dark LITERALLY!!

Good morning to all. As I write this I am currently at a friends House. For those who Live in st.louis, You all ready know that we were hit with a very strong rain storm last night that still has left over 100,000 people without electrcity. Unfortunately, I am one of those people. I was at my retail job around 4pm when it happened. Our power went out 7 times, messing up sales and our systems were going nuts. Eventually it did die down, but the damage it left, with electricty out almost every where I went lastnight, trees broken and scattered on the streets, the electrical company will have it's hands full. I've even heard rumors that there will be some places that will not have powered restored until within A WEEK!!!!

In my house, we have 3 side by side fridges and a 20 cubic freezer. Do you know the hell my family is gonna be in if that food doesn't get back to proper temperature? All that food spoiled and wasted. When I called my house last night to check on everybody. My dad answered the phone and told me the power was out and not to be in any hurry to come home.lolol Funny thing I had plans to go to the movies. Yet the movie complex I was going to go to St. Louis Mills Regal Movie Theater. ALL POWER was out!!!!hahaha. So I can just imagine all the poor pissed off people that were watching a movie and all of a SUDDEN..............................nothing.

So after those plans were canceled. I decided to go to the Applebee's in Bridgeton and have dinner. Still wondering what I was going to do. I then went home to checkout the situation. Sure enough my whole Neighborhood is out. Except, this is irony if ever I've seen it. THE ONLY PEOPLE I see with electricity are the people ACROSS the street from me up and down. I'm thinking now ain't THIS A BITCH!!!!!!

So I called a friend of mine to see if she had power. she says yea. So now I'm still over her place after having a great rest. My mom called me to check on me and to inform me that we have YET to have power returned back to the house. So Im about to sign off and go have breakfast at Denny's with my friend. So to all that live in St. Louis, and are stilling expreiencing the aftermath of this storm. Stay up but most importantly STAY COOL!!!:) ( I meant that figuratively and literally.)
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