August 8, 2005


Just got finished seeing a rerun of CSI with a child molester in the plot. Man I wonder how people can do such horrible things to a child... I think children are one of the most precious gifts ever that a person can receive. They can't defend themselves especially against those who have the fascade of wanting to help them. I like children especially when they look at you with those huge eyes and just giggle whenever u do something silly to get their attention.Yet there are those in the world who are not ready for such a gift or responsibility and for the record I am PRO-CHOICE. I do believe that a woman has a right to decide overall what she plans to do about her condition. She of course has different options, abortion, adoption, or take care of the child herself along with others if she has that choice. I've seen pictures of aborted fetuses before and they are not for those of the faint-hearted. They are disturbing and graphic, they bring goosebumps to the flesh, and the image can stay with you for a while after seeing such pictures, even for days.

Some people have abortions because they don't want the burden of taking care of someone else, financial situation, boyfriend or significant other doesn't want the child, & other reasons which unfortunately I can't think of at this moment. Others might choose the route of adoption. This option will give the child a chance to be brought up in a loving environment but then again that IS a 50/50 chance. There are children who are adopted and abused for such a long time, that as they get older, that is all they have been taught and are able to give to someone else, which makes the cycle repeat itself. Other children who do suffer abuse might be lucky to have someone intervene from them and hopefully give them a second chance. Other mothers-to-be might change their mind and decide to raise the child. This not only effects them but other people around them. They might depend on family members to act as baby-sitters and let's be honest here. Not everyone welcomes the thought of changing a diaper, feeding, burping, & constantly keeping vigal over a baby. I know that sounds mean but unfortunately that's life.

Main point, do what you feel is best for you. Dont have a kid because all of your friends are having them and you feel LONELY. That is the dumbest idea I have ever heard. Yes I said it, If you feel lonely get on the interent and find someone to chat with or call a friend up and see what they are doin? Because if you have that child and you are not emotional and financial prepared for it, you are going to WISH you had some time ALONE to YOURSELF. I know this for a fact, I don't have any kids but I've seen too many of my friends lives changed and not for the best because of the decisions they have made.

I know that when I have kids it will be with someone I loooovveeee, respect, & cherish. I know at one time I wasn't thinking about EVER giving birth to a child. Simply because of the horror stories I hear about them from my friends and my own difficult birth, hell I almost died because the ambilicol cord was wound around my neck and everytime my mom pushed, it was becoming tighter. So the way I see it any and all children that come from my womb will be deliever via C-Section THANK U VERY MUCH!!! I've had the strangest dream that I'm gonna have 8 kids. 2 sets of triplets (1st set boys, 2nd set girls) and then a set of twins (girl/boy). Whoa I hope I'm having somebody ELSE'S dream and unfortunately our dreams have yet to get switched back over lolol. i like kids alot I just don't know if I want to have my own basketball team that's all.............
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