August 11, 2005

Is Pain really Worth it for Beauty?

I’ve been on eBay for the past 2 weeks buying shoes. High heeled shoes. I enjoy my heels to range from flat to as high as 4 inches. I find high heels are very sexy on women and I love to walk to in them. Yet my mom had me training in them back when I was 11 years old, so I’m pro. Don’t test me now. Lol

Yet I know that they are not the BEST items for your feet. Usually whenever I wear high heels I make sure not to wear them for long time. I love my feet and know that I’ve only have one pair of them. Yet it baffles me when I see ladies in the club wear some heels KNOWNIN they need to sit down. Because they are walking like they have a stick in they ass. Word to the wise, if you can’t strut and I mean STRUT in them, do NOT I repeat DO NOT wear them looking pigeon toed and have the nerve to look cute. YOU ARE FAILING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most of the time if I wear heels for a while I try not to wear them consecutively, meaning heels one day, flats the next. It’s not good for your arch if you try to have it at such an incline and angle. So I also pamper my feet by soaking them as well.

LADIES LADIES LADIES. I don’t know how to stress this next part. Please do not wear an incorrect size shoe. You are only setting yourself up for some serious pain and suffering for the future. You will develop not only walking issues you will also F*CK up your feet with corns, black spots, and bunions and let me tell you something, if a man wants to nick or cut himself, he can just go the kitchen and get a KNIFE.

Don’t make me have to bring up Eddie Murphy in BOOMERANG when he saw ol girl’s feet in bed and almost broke his neck leavin the bed. Didn’t he say something about Hammer time in her shoes?

Another concern is waxing. I won’t lie I’ve had it done every now and then, but DAMN it cracks me up that I don’t scream when I see a lady coming at me with HOT WAX yet I’ll SH*T a brick if I see a spider. Still can’t understand it till this DAY.

Ladies let me know what you think and give me your 2 cents on the issue too. Hell add some other pointers I might have missed. Guys what do you think and do you all go thru anything remotely close to what us ladies do, to look either good for ourselves, you, or both? HOLLAJ the Lady has spoken;)
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