August 10, 2005

What constitues beauty?

I have been thinking on this question for quite some time now. Have you ever heard the saying the pen is mightier than the sword? Now if I’m in a situation that I’m against someone swinging a sword at me and I’m just holding a pen, I’m getting my ass out of there.

Yet what I’m really referring to is how the media has made it hard for women (especially those that are heavier) to feel comfortable and accepted by society. For example Victoria’s Secret can have a runway show and have no problem finding a TV network to broadcast. Yet when Lane Bryant wants to do the same thing, nobody is interested and they turn their back it.

Young teenage girls all the way to adult women see these pictures in VOGUE magazine and other magazines just like them and see these thin women and some if not majority look at them in despair and wish they could like that. Some go thru depression; other’s become bulimic or anorexic. None of these outcomes are healthy.

Some people will say beauty is on the inside. Yet let’s be realistic. How many times have you seen a person you don’t find attractive physically but say to yourself, wow I bet that person has a sparkling personality on the inside? Maybe there is someone out there who is like that. Yet from what I know a guy or girl won’t want to get to know a person unless they find them attractive on the OUTSIDE first.

Yet there are people out there that say that you attract what you are. What do you think about that?
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