October 2, 2012

-Truth- #30WriteNow October Writing Challenge


Ok so this my first post for this October Writing Challenge. I honestly don't know what to write about but I'll give it my best shot. Normally I write when I have something to say...which can be every few days to maybe once a this ought to be interesting. Now I know they said you don't have to use the word prompts to write your blog entries but I thought as an added challenge I would use the prompt for my #30WriteNow blog entries. But beware, these particular posts might be non-fiction or fiction, it just depends on how I feel.

I woke up this morning and thought, here I go again. My body was sore from last night but I felt good that I had worked out. Even as I was walking a snail's pace around my room, TRUTHFULLY I was wishing I could have been going someplace exciting like the zoo or the art museum. Don't get it twisted I do appreciate having a job above all, but I do enjoy "zoning" out and having a chill days to myself. 

I looked in the mirror and just stared at my reflection. What I saw staring back at me was someone who has been tired for quite sometime. I have pics on my mirrors that I use as motivation to help me along with my exercise progress, I'm also reading a few books on lifestyle changes as well.

As I'm getting dressed I check myself out and see minor changes that I can see from my working out. Yet just like anyone else I do get frustrated from time to time wishing I could just fast forward to the future and have the body that I want. Yet I know it took time for me to put on this weight and I know it will take time for it to come off. I will say nothing feels so good as knowing that you got in a good workout for the day. I actually feel bad if I miss a workout class, but if I get in my daily 1-mile walk, then I'm ok.

Well work was work, nothing really special happened out of the ordinary and I was suppose to go to a free concert at the Jefferson Thomas Memorial Museum to go see this great band called Dirty Muggs but unfortunately I didn't go because I messed up my shirt and my hair was giving me "issues". So I felt it was best to go home, wash my hair, eat dinner and chill out.

I also realized that some new video games have come out which includes NBA 2k13 and Resident Evil 6. If you know me, you don't EVEN have to guess which game holds my interest. But if you don't know me it would be RE6, for some reason I just can't STAND sport video games, but I love playing and watching sports in real life. Go figure.

Well...I think this is a good post for this challenge. I talked about Truth, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Night Night.


Until the next episode....

 All That MsJazz

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