October 18, 2012

#30WriteNow STL Lose to Win Fall 2012 Challenge: Week 6

Well this morning I went to my designated spot to weigh in. I wasn't expecting much because I won't lie, after last week's weigh-in and me still being so damn frustrated I only had been to the gym just once or twice since then. Yet I was still doing my daily walks Monday through Friday. I didn't even go on my regular Sunday hikes because I had to handle some stuff around the house. My eating had gotten a tad bit carried away for a few days but I reigned myself back in. So when I went to weigh in today I wasn't thinking that I had lost anything. In fact I was expecting the lady to tell me that I had gained.  So......imagine when I looked at the scale and saw that I had gone down 6 pounds........WTF?????????????????????????????

So after staring at the monitor with my weight on it I calmly step down of the machine and proceed to fist pump and jump in the air....After saying good bye to the ladies at CURVES I made my way to work and just started to process this past week. I started thinking maybe I need to really cut back on my gym workouts after all. So I briefly chatted with my boy Trenton and he thought instead of doing cardio and strength training on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays. I should just stick to strength training on those days and do cardio Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. So I think I will change it up. Not to mention a book I ordered almost two weeks ago from Walmart FINALLY came in this week so I will be doing some research and reading on strength training. So I can't wait to dive into this new gem.

My new book

Also on a separate note I was talking to a parent at my job who is into holistic finds and she informed me about the benefits of some natural items:

  • Bentonite Clay (Indian Clay)
  • Himalayan Salt

Both are in her opinion, excellent to help with pulling toxins from the body and especially with the Himalayan Salt is great for those with arthritis. I already had heard about the Bentonite Clay and actually had ordered some a few weeks ago, just haven't used it yet.

So now I have a renewed and energized focus with my weight-loss goal and I'm looking forward the months ahead, just hope it doesn't get too cold anytime soon still plan on enjoyin this fall weather as much as possible.  

I saw this picture and just had to put it in my blog post below. No particular reason except that I am able to relate to this, particular epiphany.

I can SO relate......Good Lord....



Until the next episode....

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