October 10, 2012

#30WriteNow STL Lose to Win Fall 2012 Challenge: Week 5

This is how I'm feeling right about now

Today after work I decided to go weigh-in instead of tomorrow morning. I was bit anxious to see if I had made any progress on the scale. When I made it to my Curves destination I went in and waited my turn to get on the scale. I got on and looked away from the digital reader (which is what I normally do). The lady that was assisting, informed me that I was still the same. Still the same for almost 4 weeks. I won't lie, hearing that really has taken the motivation out of me. 

I've been keeping up with my exercises, still improving my intake and quantity of food I literally have been working out 7 days a week and even though I feel like I have some more energy I'm not really seeing any difference in the mirror. Other people tell me they see changes, but I don't. I'm honestly at a crossroads thinking I am an idiot for thinking I could actually do this but the other part is telling me not give up. Yet I am just so damn frustrated. I am truly at my wits end... Every morning I read the different motivational stories, look at the pics, and read the posters. I know change doesn't come over night, but not seeing anything as far as progress in a months time doesn't seem to make since to me either.

The park I walked this Sunday was Faust Park. Beautiful location in Chesterfield. It was also one of hardest I have ever walked with an incline that made me double think if I could make it all the way. I had to take breaks every now and then and I'm glad I did at one point because I realized that my Ipod Nano had gotten away from me and I had to backtrack a few steps to find it on the trail. Needless to say it went in my pocket for the remainder of the walk.

I've always enjoyed trails that have you so close with nature and this trail delivered. I wish I had taken a few pics, but I didn't realize I was in for a treat once I left that part of my walk.
When I finally was out of the woods I came across an old HUGE white and maroon barn

After checking out the barn and the nearby surroundings I went back on the trail and came across a museum of sorts that housed old farms and house from the 1800's. It was AWESOME! Since I enjoy history alot I couldn't pass this up and started to walk around and take lots of pictures.

Panoramic shot near the entrance of the Museum, Garden on left & Barn on right

There was even a school and I tell ya it was amazing. It reminded me of a schoolhouse from "Little House on the Praire" TV show.

I couldn't even imagine my teachers dealing with these kinds of rules

The School House

I remember this....

Notice the furnace in the middle of the room, had to stay warm!

Now I also explored some of the houses and I must say that they had some very interesting inventions back in the day.

A dog mill

A Dutch Oven


But what house isn't complete without a bonafide Outhouse"



I do plan on coming back because they also have The Missouri Botanical Butterfly House and also a huge carousel in a building nearby. Great place to exercise and for families to come out and enjoy themselves.

Until the next episode....

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