October 30, 2012

#30WriteNow IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY are not like a fine wine, they DO NOT get better with age

 Good morning to all! I hope today you find just as much to be thankful for than the last. I do want to send up a special prayer to those on the east coast. The devastation that is occurring is in my opinion unprecedented and judging by pictures that I have seen it will be a while before things get back to normal.

(Now back to your scheduled station) 

Bullying - Not acceptable in any form, adult or child

This morning I can say is somewhat of a good day. Our first set of Parent/Teacher conferences for this year went off without a hitch. A few minor issues but nothing serious. The only damper in my parade was in regards to an issue that has been ongoing and if you want to play catch on, read this post. Pretty much an issue in regards to fines on a student's account. Now apparently the parent that I've had this issue with came into the office last night but I was in the cafeteria downstairs setting up for our catering for the evening.

The parent came in and in my opinion bullied my boss into taking off the fines that had been put on her son's account. When my boss brought it to my attention at the end of conferences I could tell she was hesitant in telling me because she knows how I feel about that particular situation. I told her how I felt and I can SOMEWHAT understand her reasoning in why she took it off. So I went home that evening and I replayed the scenario in my head, in fact it bothered me more than it should have to the point that I actually had dreams about it and in my dreams I actually was choking this woman out. 

A MMA style Choke-out

I woke up this morning around 4:30am and wasn't able to get back to sleep because it bothered me that much.

As I got ready for work today I was thinking to myself how much I detest people like this woman. She is unfortunately known throughout the district I work in as a bully. There are others that I would say are just like her, not many, thank God, but apparently she takes the cake in other people's opinion. Well for me I don't take to bullying from anyone. I don't care if you are a parent, coworker, student or whomever, if you are wrong I'm going to tell you that you are wrong and I have no problem telling you to your face.

I told my boss I wish she would have contacted me via my walkie-talkie but she said, "Uh-uh no way" because she knows I would not have backed down and I would have had NO problem telling her to her face like I told her on the phone that she is a liar.  Now that I think about it, it probably was a good idea that she didn't let me know that she was upstairs because I was already revved up as it was and I would have gone nuclear reactor level 10 on that woman. 

Remember Chernobyl anyone? - Reactor 4 destroyed

Only thing I can say in regards to all of this is that I did make the adjustment to the account and think well we don't have to deal with this particular parent anymore since her students are no longer in our school. Yet all I can say is this....karma is a bitch. I can still recall our conversation on the phone when we had our disagreement back in June....I remember her saying she had enough bills to deal with, without worrying about this one. The energy she puts out is the energy she will receive back. All the issues that she is going me will only get worse as long as she has such a negative attitude towards others, how she handles situations and life in general. 

What's even worse is that she is showing a poor example to her children that it's okay to not take responsibility for your actions. All you have to do is get loud, be ignorant, rant, blame everyone else, threaten, and unfortunately every now and then play the race card. People LIKE HER need to grow up. To me she gives women, especially women of color a bad rep. But like I said karma is a magnet and what you put out is what you attract.

Negative Karma - what you are, is what you attract

Now I know I'm in job where it is our job SOMEWHAT to cater to the needs of our community, but I refuse to just take any mess thrown my way. I will not bow down nor kiss anyone's ass especially when they are in the wrong. I have no problem helping out someone if they need help with a situation, but I'll be damn if I'm going to break my back to assist you when your attitude is that I OWE you ANYTHING and you treat me in such a disrespectful fashion.

Oh well I felt I needed to rant about this. I've got it out of my system and so the rest of my day and more importantly my life continues....If anything I'm thankful to come across people like her every now and then. It helps to remind me why it's so important to carry yourself with class and just be a better person overall. Yet that's not to say I won't come off my high horse when I need to...I can get just as down and dirty as anyone else. When you see THAT side of


Until the next episode....

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