October 17, 2012

#30WriteNow Norah Jones: She might not know why she didn't come, but I know why I definitely went

Let me just start off by saying I've been a fan of Norah's since her first album and still enjoy it to this day.  Now as far as her other albums....I won't lie I've not been too keen on and when I did listen to them I wasn't really feeling them. I guess I had planted firmly in my mind that the Norah that I enjoy would still be singing a Jazz style. 


So fast forward to Monday morning. I was able to snag a ticket to the concert via my job and was just amped! Ever since I found out she was going to be performing at the Peabody Opera House earlier this year I was waiting for the right time to get a ticket, but alas it never came. So I feel that it was fate that I was able to get one FREE from my job. I don't know if the planets or some stars were in alignment but all I can say is THANK YOU!

So obviously the gym was not in my plans Monday evening and I went home to chill before the event.  6:45pm rolls around and I make my way downtown and was able to snag a parking spot within 5 minutes. I make my way inside and get to my seat in the Mezzanine section, Row P, Seat 8. I literally sat there from 7:15pm until the show started. But I didn't know that there was a band opening up before Norah would take the stage.

The stage before any performances

So imagine my surprise when a guy with a guitar and a young lady who approaches an electric keyboard walk onto the stage. I'm thinking...this is it? But I was quickly put in my place when they started to sing. The name of the group is Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons. I tell ya I was simply enthralled with their performance. I can't put my finger on it but EVERY song that did just drew me in and the guy was really engaging with the audience. They complimented each other perfectly with their blended melodies and I couldn't believe that by the time their set was over 45 minutes had passed. I honestly could have listened to them for another hour.

After they left the stage and given a wonderful applause that they greatly deserved, the house lights came back on and I decided to go out to the lobby and find out the name of the band because at the time they would not tell us who they were. lol One of those great ploys of marketing and it paid off with the throngs of people who were out buying their album.

Waiting in my seat

Around this time also I had received a message via Facebook on my phone that one of my old Saint Ann classmates, Angela was also there at the concert and wanted to know if I wanted to hook up and reunite. So I responded back and then I went on a search going between different floors until I found her in one of the Lady Lounges. She looked absolutely beautiful and I also was able to meet her husband, the newlyweds made a gorgeous couple. Then all of sudden we see people rushing back to their seats. Apparently Norah had just taken the stage and started on her first song. So Angela and I said our goodbyes and I rushed back up a flight of steps to get back to my seat.

Of course by this time it's dark in the auditorium and I had to use my phone to get back to my seat. The concert was simply wonderful. I remembered songs from her first album, she also played songs from other albums that had followed, and also songs that were from her latest album. I can honestly say there might have been just one song I didn't care for but besides that I enjoyed the rest. I must say who ever did the lighting and props for the show needs to get an award. I loved how each song that had been played had the mood of the song reflected through the lighting. You could tell who dark disturbing song via the reds and blacks or the purple and oranges. Lively songs came through with the blues and yellows or the pinks and oranges. Just a wonderful display.

My only issue is that I felt Norah wasn't really that engaging with the audience except for a few snippets here and there, but I guess hey we did come to see her perform and on that alone I think she gave the audience their money's worth. Afterwards at 10:15 the band did their last song and left the stage. Well we yelled so much for an encore that she and her band came back out and did two more songs. After I was done yelling and clapping I made my out of the Peabody and after a few stops made it home and went to bed. Overall it was a wonderful evening and hopefully I might come across some more tickets in the future for other venues;)

Note: If you are wondering what my Title Post meant, it is referring to one of the first songs that debuted from Norah's first album, "Don't know why I didn't come", from her first album, "Come Away with Me".


Until the next episode....

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