October 14, 2012

#30WriteNow What an epic weekend;)

This weekend was packed. Friday we had our annual Chili Cook off at the job and I was at work from 8am to 8pm. Full day. It was a HUGE success and thanks to all that came out!

As I was leaving I heard the Saint Louis Cardinals were losing to the Washington Nationals 0-4 and I thought well they are done and I went home and went to bed.  You can't imagine my shock and disbelief when I woke up and found out that we had rallied in the last inning and won 9-7. Epic, Simply epic... 

So this past Saturday I was pumped up and decided to go to the gym. I missed the boxing class so I waited for the kickboxing to start. After that workout I went to Talayna's and bought a burger with a side order of broccoli.  Afterwards I went home and chilled out until later on that evening I went out to a seminar that my friend Phillip informed me about via facebook called the H.E.A.L. seminar. Which stands for Healthy Effective Alternative to Live. It started at 6pm and I stayed until 9pm. I learned about the benefits of Sprouting, eating Raw veggies and fruits, and even bought a healthy smoothie and drank it from a coconut!

My smoothie! - Coconut water, apple juice, strawberries, & bananas

Also saw a Zumba presentation and there were many vendors there as well. Also made a new friend and also saw a few others that I recognized.

Me along with a new friend that evening

While I was there my girl Kamina hit me with a random text stating she would be in the Central West End and wanted me to come out help her celebrate her bday. So I was game and left the seminar and made my way on out there and by the grace of God was able to find a parking spot within 5 minutes. Found a spot so quick and whipped around to grab it I know it would have made Mina proud. lol

So I let her know that I'm in the CWE and will be at a popular joint called Coffee Cartel and sit outside waiting until she arrives. While I'm chilling I am approached by a guy and he compliments me and asks to buy me something to drink. So I decide on the tea that he was drinking and I must say it was mighty good. We made conversation for over a hour and once Mina informed me that she was in the CWE and had made it to our meeting area, Brennan's, I told him that I had a great time talking with him and he asked to meet up again that evening and go have some sushi. I told him I would like that but it would depend on how long I was out with my friend. He understood and we said our goodbyes.

Now I make my way to Brennan's and when I go inside I realize the place has had a COMPLETE makeover and I have not been there in a LONG TIME. I see my girl and her boyfriend and we exchange welcomes. Soon after some more of their friends show up and after we grab our drinks, we make our way outside and grab a table. We had a ball laughing cracking jokes, drinking, and smoking cigars. A short while after the rain kicks in and we move the party to the second level of the establishment. 

A sign at the bar that Kamina and I were trying to figure out for the LONGEST, leave it to a mutual friend of ours, Wendy D., to figure out in oh.....I don't know....2 FLIPPING MINUTES!!!! Via my facebook post of the picture of course.

We continue our great conversations and then decide via an invitation to go out to the Tapawingo National Golf Club and go swimming/get the jacuzzi! at the pool house of one of the resident's. So I tell Mina and the rest that I will meet them there but have to stop by Walmart in Brentwood and pick up a cover up because I don't own a swimming suit. So I go the men's section and buy a 3-pack of long underwear t-shirts in BLACK! lol and then proceed to make my way out to the house.

Let me tell ya the drive out there once you hit Geyer Road had my mouth dropping wide open. The houses I saw out there HAD to be hitting up in the million range EASY. By the time I picked up my jaw I had made it out to my destination and shortly thereafter we make our way to the poolhouse of the residence and I tell ya this place could have easily been in a magazine with a front layout. The poolhouse could have been A HOUSE! Nothing but the best in the place and man it was fabulous.  

I couldn't wait to get into my black manbeater/instant swimwear when you don't have any. I got in the jacuzzi first and I tell ya I was in heaven....then I went to the swimming pool and lounged there. Did  I mention the pool was heated also? Oh I didn't? Oh well then there ya go. So after that I went back to the jacuzzi and then dipped again back into the pool. I was happy as lamb....but eventually we wrap up our fun and thank our wonderful hostess and say good bye to everyone including the newcomers who came by later on that night. I tell ya after it was all said and done, I didn't get back home until 5am this morning. When I tell I was tired, believe me, I was tired. But when I tell ya I had a blast and would do it all over again, you had better take me at my word;)

Mina and I on 8th Grade Twin day;) Bestfriends/Sistas since Kindergarten.

Until the next episode....

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