June 16, 2012

Trials and tribulations with technology - part 2


What you see in the picture above is what I was reduced to having to buy for my job earlier this week when the servers at my job went bonkers back on Thursday. Earlier this week on Monday I had a PC scare when I tried to log on to my computer and it didn't recognize my profile which essentially had a crap load of work on my C drive. I said a prayer, rebooted the PC and it came back just fine.


Yet unfortunately this Thursday has been not only a nightmare for myself but for the rest of the school district as well. The two drives that we depend on to store our stuff on the network, as one tech that is working on it stated, "80% that it's fucked." Yet the only relief, if you can call it that is that they have a back up of it from May 30th. Unfortunately this doesn't really hold any joy for me because I did major revisions on the registration packets and other items within the last 2 WEEKS!!!! Only thing I can say is thank god I printed them out and have hard copies. 




 My coworker in the office ended up leaving early on Thursday because there was nothing that she could do. I stayed at work and tried to get other things done but before she left I drove to Best Buy and bought the item mentioned above, cam back to the job, hooked it up and was at least able to do a backup of my cpu and one other network that was not effected by this tragedy. 


On Friday, nothing had changed, the 2 main networks were still down and I pretty much just did circles in my chair to pass the time until 11:45 in which I took a half day and went to West County Mall looked around, followed by going to the Galleria to go see the new Snow White movie. I must say it was AWESOME! Then I went to my stylist to buy a product for my hair that I am just in love with. Ladies if you haven't tried Design Essentials, you need to! It is the truth and for some strange reason I can't keep my fingers out of my head because I love how it feels.



Eventually I made it home, played some Max Payne 3 which is the shiznit in story and multi player modes and pretty much retired for the rest of the evening.

Oh....and I know you might be wondering...did I get reimbursed by the job for buying the item? That answer would be no....we are having financially difficulties as well as technical ones gots screwed over with that.


Until the next episode....

 All That MsJazz

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