June 10, 2012

It's always good to mix things up once in a while..


Yesterday evening I hooked up with my girl Thisha and we went to a Mixxer in the Delmar Loop area. It was for people to meet the latest and upcoming in Saint Louis in regards to Fashion, Makeup, & Hair. This event was hosted by a good friend Patricia Moore who is a makeup artist who owns REFLECTIONS Makup Artistry and I wanted to make sure to come out and support. 




Patricia Moore, Tammie Holland (Majic 104.9 DJ), Willie Moore (Patricia's Husband) Photo Credit: Tammie Holland


When we first got there we were checked in at the front table, given gift bags and we proceeded to go into the first room where they had a few high tables situated around, chairs near 2 of the walls, a live models standing at the windows. Oh and you can't forget the lady that was giving out massages, Thisha made sure to get one of those. lol



They also had a nice spread of cheeses, fruits, desserts, sandwiches and a few dips to go with the pita bread. Oh and lets not forget the drinks. There was plenty of those to go around too. Eventually the main event doors open up next door and I tell you I was so caught up with that, I forgot to grab Thisha and asked another friend who was working the event to get her and ask her to come over. lol 


When you stepped into the next room you were immediately greeted by a Miss Jessie's Table that had people near by passing out gift bags and then another person who took pics of people as they were holding their Miss Jessie's gift bags. There were about 15 booths (I think). Even my hair stylist Daisha was there as a vendor. 



People were doing live demonstrations of their makeup techniques on their models. There was a lady there who was a supplier of hair extensions.(Which reminds me I need to tell my sister about this so she can be in the next one mixer).  Other people there who were into fashion had their clothes on display and there was even a moment in the event where they had some models run on a "catwalk" and show off some of the fashions. There were two outfits that definitely caught my eye. There was even a booth where this lady was selling this special body oil which adapted to your own body's chemistry. She spritzed some on Thisha and then on me. I tell ya it was two completely different scents and I thought it was amazing. So we both ended buying a bottle for $20 and after talking with the owner I found out she lives in my neighborhood! I told her she needed think about expanding into shower gels and lotions that would have the same effect. I tell ya I had such a good time, I've made it a point to get out more and go to more of these types of functions.


Photo by Thisha Smith


As we walked around the area, Thisha and I ran into other people there that we recognized and chatted with for a while. Eventually we left around 8pm and we decided to stay in the Loop and grab something to eat outside of Blueberry Hill. The weather was perfect and we just wanted to chill out and soak up the ambiance that was passing through. As we were talking about various things and eating out food, our friend Mary who we invited out shows up and we talk some MORE about various things. By the way various things is aka for (relationships, understanding and dealing with men, know that stuff)


Around 11:40pm we call it a night. Thisha takes me back to my car and I make the trek back to my house. Overall I had a wonderful day and now that I'm up on this Sunday morning, I'm already wondering what mischief I can get into today:)


Until the next episode....

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