June 7, 2012

Oh happy day:)


Well today I woke up tired and nervous. Tired because it was a Thursday and nervous because I was finally gonna have my first hair appointment since my big chop. I had been maintaining my hair myself since then by daily morning conditioner washings followed by some Jojoba oil, Carol's Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey, and then followed by a light spritzing of Carol's Daughter Tui Moisturizing Hair Sheen. Let my hair air dry and then I was on my way.


Well today after having a smooth day at work I decided to head to my new salon a head of time so I could get a feeling for the area and more importantly scope out parking:) I find a spot and make my way on in. The inside of this establishment is NICE------->2 thumbs up:)


 My appointment wasn't until 5:15pm but I was there about 40 min early so I wasn't expecting to be waited on just yet. Well I was The stylist I was there to see was Daisha Putman. She introduced herself and had me already getting shampooed within 1o minutes by a young lady in the back. I tell ya that young lady and I were already gabbing within 5 minutes from makeup to "other thangs". After she was done I went to Daisha's chair and she did some cutting on my hair because I still had some relaxed strands lurking about. We chatted as well. I told her how I knew two of her other customers who had given their thumbs up and recommendations in regards to her services.


 Afterwards she proceeded to put my hair in rods. She was surprised that I had so much growth, about 3 or 4 inches she saw. Which I didn't even know I had even when I would wash my own hair. So after that I went under the dryer which I must say was quite an interesting experience. I'm from the old school with the hoods attached to the back of the chairs...Well they have hoods that are attached on the walls and they can position them over your head with some snap opening contraption I guess just in case you have large rollers in your head and need to be able to put the hood on. So I was under there for a while and after I was done, Daisha took the rods out, finished up my hair and POOF! My hair was looking good;) My style is suppose to keep for about 2 weeks so I'll be making sure I can stretch it out that long. 



Before I left, Daisha gave me some maintenance tips and we were talking about our friend Patricia's event coming up this Saturday, the St. Louis Mixxer Exchange. I told her I would definitely be there and she said she would keep me up to date on any other natural hair mash-ups that should roll through the STL area. I thanked her again and made my way to Talayana's near Forest Park to grab a late dinner and then afterwards, drove through the Delmar Loop which seemed packed especially around the Tivoli Theater. I eventually made it home and I am now chillin like a villian with my laptop on my lap.

Information on the salon is below:

2018 Washington Avenue, St. Louis, MO
(314) 241-8900 ·
 Alright yall, turn your laptop to the left instead of hurting ya necks....on the bottom pic. Because I know someone of you were thinkin it...


Until the next episode....

 All That MsJazz

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