June 23, 2012

Susan Komen Saint Louis Walk for the Cure 2012 recap


This morning I woke up around 4:30am to get ready for the Susan Komen Saint Louis Walk for the Cure. I have been volunteering for the Walk since 2006. I do it to honor my mom who beat breast cancer back in 2005.


In my volunteer shirt by the Team Photo pic area.


I arrived downtown and found a wonderful parking spot as usual right behind the new Courthouse. I make my way over to the volunteer tent and sign in. I receive my t-shirt and after finding an extended size porta-poty I change my shirt and then proceed to my area which is the Team Photo section located right behind the Solider Memorial building.


I only recognized three faces from the previous year. We go over the game plan for how things were gonna flow. Since picture taking wasn't going to start until about 7:30am - 8am ish...... I decided to go around and capture some pics of the people and different booths.


I eventually go back to my area and see we have a little business going on in regards to Team pics, but eventually it dies off again. So I decide that since I have never been to the main stage in all my years of volunteering when they begin all the festivities I was determined to get up there and take a few pics.



When I got up there I saw a lady from Channel 5 as the MC keeping everything going smooth. There was a brief scare though with an out of control golf cart that was going backwards at a high speed and people were trying to dodge and get out of the way, others were trying to jump on it and stop it and of course the metal barriers were not effective against as well. It eventually came to stop as it hit the main stage. They were able to get control of it again and drive it back from where ever it came from. I felt so sorry for the poor lady that was trying to maneuver the cart out of people's way.


Survivors arriving at the main stage


Eventually the survivors paraded into the area right before the main stage and it was an amazing site. They got the crowd going and the survivors were able to warm up with a zumba routine with some instructors from Gold Gym. I recognized a few from a zumba party that I went to. There were various local singers there as well. Eventually people had to make their way over to the starting area for the run/walk to begin. I made it back over to my team area and they were in full swing with the picture taking. We finished up within 30 minutes and I walked around for a little while longer and then decided to wrap things up.



I take a drive out to the Galleria. I get there and I just immediately become drained. I don't even get out of my car and I ended up dozing off for about 30 minutes. I come to and decide I need to get my behind home and catch some serious ZZZ's before heading out this evening. I think I might catch that new Abraham Lincoln movie, that looks real good:)


Oh well I hope if you made it out there you enjoyed yourselves and for those who didn't, you definitely missed out on a wonderful event. Until 2013.......


Until the next episode....

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