June 14, 2012

Don't come at me sideways.......



Today at work was an uneventful day until this afternoon... I had a parent calling because she was upset and ticked off about the fine notice her student received. Pretty much it stated that the fines that the student had accumulated needed to be paid for the school year. She immediately went into a rant about how she could care less about the letter and didn't plan on paying the fines. Now she isn't the 1st parent to complain about this and I have NO DOUBT that she will be the last. But what really yanked my chain was her attitude  and how she told me that she had plenty of other bills to worry about without having to worry about this one


Let me make it known that I'm not the one you want to get into it with. I'm not like other people that if you yell or get loud that I'm going to back down or do anything to accommodate you because you are huffing and puffing. You can keep on doing both until you CODE BLUE on the damn carpet.  I don't care! if anything it makes me make sure TWICE AS HARD that YOU UNDERSTAND THAT YOU AREN'T GOING TO GET YOUR WAY BECAUSE YOU ARE BITCHING!!!!  Normally if someone comes to me with a concern I bend over backwards to assist in anyway whether it be with the parent or student. But if you come at me sideways.......YOU GON LEARN TODAY (in my Kevin Hart voice).....



Let me tell you something....I personally don't give a good god damn about any other bills that she might have. They are her bills, she accumulated them. They don't make her special or different in any other way from other folks. ITS CALLED LIFE, WELCOME TO IT. Don't use that as an excuse with me along with your piss poor attitude. I really started to get hot under the collar when she further stated that she thought it was ridiculous that she had not received any notices in the mail.............Now this is when I was like you are lying. I informed her that I sent notifications through the mail and via email so I found it very hard to believe that she was not receiving my notifications for the past 9 MONTHS that her child had been accruing fines BUT she received THAT VERY LAST NOTICE......Can we say suspect?


Then she brought the issue of the student's lunch account. Point blank the student ate food from the cafeteria. PAY UP. If you don't want him eating from the cafeteria then you need to inform the office so we can make it a permanent adjustment in the system. She sure as hell didn't make it an issue to inform us about that situation until NOW. I listened to her rant for a few more seconds, overall I told her the charges were staying on the student's account and that I would forward the message to my principal. I hung up the phone and I thought, WOW. I am so sick and tired of people having so many excuses for their damn hang ups and want to put the blame on us for their short comings. No, the blame lies with you.  


All I gotta say it's good thing that conversation was on the phone, because if she had been that disrespectful with me in person coming at me sideways like that.....I would have had to right side that ass UP.



Own up, Man up and Pay up.


Until the next episode....

 All That MsJazz

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