June 6, 2012

Happy Bday Dad! oh and it's also my 500th post:)



Well today is my dad's birthday. He's been around for quite some time but if you looked at him, you wouldn't believe it:) I've written about my dad before on my blog, heck probably more than a few times. But to get a glimpse of what type of man he is, just read this previous post.  So this morning I put his card on the stove and told him happy birthday. I know this week some family members and friends will get together and go out for dinner on Friday.  My dad is an amazing man who has quite simply done some extraordinary things;)




 Back in the day


All I can say is thank god I will have gone to the salon by then so my hair can be in a more presentable manner. I don't know why I'm nervous about this hair appointment. Probably because this lady will be the 3rd person overall as my beautician in my life and oh I did I mention my previous one I was with for almost 20 years? yea.... 


So anyway, I just really wanna to say Happy Birthday dad and I luv ya:)


On a separate note: This is officially my 500th post on my blog;) I've had this blog for almost 7 years. I haven't been as dedicated to it in past years as I would like but I decided to change that this year. Having this blog for such a long time has allowed me to look back on my life and read, re-read, and do a triple take on somethings that I've done throughout my life. I'm still learning about myself (what do I want to do?), trying new things (Big hair chop), and trying to get back on track with others (Exercise). All I can say is that I hope I have as many interesting stories and self reflections when I reach my 1,000th post;)


Until the next episode....

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