June 29, 2012

Difference between cute and fine

A friend of mine this morning texted me and asked me a question in regards to a topic for a radio station that he works for. What is the difference between fine and cute? I thought on it for a while and my response to him is below.


Well speaking from a woman's perspective. In a person male or female I feel that a cute is with kids or even with young adults. I find with saying cute you might admire something that a person might have on or just the way a person might smile. Now when I think of someone fine man or woman. To me they are looking good head to toe. For a brother, nothing turns me on more than a wonderful smile WITHOUT gold teeth and on top of that, he has ALL of his teeth.


He can be in some nice jeans that are not sagging or looking wonderful in a suit, especially a three-piece kind. For women, to me its a lady that knows how to balance herself out. The clothes she puts on, they don't wear her, she wears them. I'm not talking hoochie mama shorts or some cut off shirt. A lady with class. 


Yet you know what is the bow on the package? The conversation that they present to me. I love to have my brain neurons fire off on an interesting subject. I can talk from video games to a good ole book any day. Make me more intrigued with you by the end of our conversation and I'll say you are more than fine, you might almost be perfect.

So my question for you all out there, what is the difference between cute and fine to you?


Until the next episode....

 All That MsJazz

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