March 16, 2012

Trials and tribulations with technology

Well this evening, I'm bringing you this post not from my 2nd purchased laptop within the past 2 weeks. No that would be tooooo easy. No I'm bringing this post from my desktop cpu since my most recently purchased laptop bit the dust tonight. I'm not sure what the deal is. Both laptops were HP dv6 series. I don't need to rehash about the first laptop for that you can just see my previous post.  This newest laptop though even with it being refurbed (which I don't normally do) seemed ok and the deal on it was too good to pass up. Yet I received error messages along with it to when it decided to phuck up.

As this was playing out before my eyes I could not help but think of other technology doozies that I've dealt with. Number one on my list, my cell phone, the Tmobile G2X. Probably the worst Android phone I have had the displeasure of using. I went through 3 of them before dealing with the one i have now and it's only a FRACTION better than it's predecessors. I still have to take the battery out on a daily basis, wait a few seconds for commands to go through, but at least it doesn't get so hot that I have to put it down. Well not so fast at least. I think the most I was pleased with it was when I fell down the steps at my sister's aparment complex building last October. It broke my fall, and in return I broke it. See at least then I knew it was a piece of shit and could physically tell. I didn't have to wait and wonder like when I first bought it.

So tomorrow morning, after I go to work for 3 hours, go to my dr. appt, I will make a trek to Micro Center and calmly fling my laptop on their countertop and see what options they present. I have a warrenty on it but I know they have a restocking fee supposedly on their laptops but I wonder if it also goes toward it being defective. Who knows if I do decide to return it I know it will be a minute before I go for another laptop.
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