March 18, 2012

Spring Break - Day 2 (Happy Saint Patrick's Day)

This morning (March 17th, when this was written) started out very beautiful. Sun was shining, clouds were in the air, it looked like a great day for a Saint Patrick's Parade. I even went outside for a while to see if I could find a four leaf clover, but alas no such luck. But what could have i been thinking....HA!

Well if you are in Saint Louis, MO then you already know that most of the day, well at least since around 2:30pm it's been a flipping monsoon. Earlier this morning I woke up and started watching the Horror Leprechaun movies, 1 through 3. After watching the whole series about 2 times, lol, I realized how cheesy some 90 horror movies were. Yet they did the best that they could with the special effects at the time. But damn I couldn't help but laugh more than anything else.

My girl Cassandra hit me up and see if  I was down for a bar-bq. She invited about 40 folks, but with the crazy ass rain she still plans on bar-bq-ing, which I guess is a good thing since I did go to Schnucks and bought a few packages of chicken which have been marinating in my fridge for at least 4 hours and a pack of hotdogs;)

Well anyway, I'm going to sign out shortly and finish this post once the festivities conclude. Wish me luck!

*Update* (at 8am on March 18th) Had a blast last night at Cassandra's house, about 20 folks or more rolled through. I did grilling on her small grill that used charcoal which by the way I was COMFORTABLE using. lol

Her neighbor was kind enough to allow her to borrow his gas grill, but I'm sorry I don't phuck with propane. Something about exploding, my eyebrows burning off and my chicken going to the mile high club was not appealing.

Thankfully someone was there last night who was an expert on using such devices. In fact my people from Saint Louis especially should know him from the radio air waves. The Hypeman Dwight Stone of the former R&B 100.3 The Beat Radio Station, was savior in getting all the chicken done because like I told Cassandra I was gonna be damned if I used the gas grill. lol So eventually the grilling that started at 7pm concluded around 11:30pm. We had turkey burgers, hotdogs (so many damn hotdogs), chicken (so much darn chicken), Bratwursts.

Cassandra made a pound cake that was great and some nacho dips to go with, what else some nachos. Oh you can't forget the alcohol. Plenty to be found and consumed;) So after the grilling finally concluded we settled down into some games of Family Feud in which the females dominated and another game which I can't recall in which AGAIN the females kicked the male couterparts behinds! People starting leaving about 1am which is when I made my stage left exit as well. Cassandra texted me to make sure I got home safe and asked if I good time. I said I had a GREAT time and told her I couldn't wait for the next party.

I just told her make sure I'm there when they start the fire for the grill. Her homeboys who were there first before I got there started the small grill up and made the fire too strong, so the first batch of hotdogs that had been put out there (without my awareness) had unfortunately burned someone of the hotdogs. So I had to put the S on my chest and rectify the situation and shift the coals around like my momma tought me and handle business.;)  Can't wait for the next Episode!
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