March 17, 2012

Spring Break - Day 1

Well officially yesterday, March 16th was my first day into my spring break. But I did go into work for 3 hours to get some work done. Afterwards had a dr. appointment, and then went to Micro Center to see what they had to say about my cursed laptop. Well apparently (from what they said) a virus hit my laptop hard but the anti-virus blocked it from during futher damage. Well the damage it already did, has screwed it up tremedously so they ran me down the options I had, none of pleased me one bit, so in a nutshell, I guess it's a good thing I made a system restore disk. Yet I still am not sure if I want to keep it. I've had it for only 6 days when this happened. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Well after that, grabbed something to eat and then made it back home where I have been ever since. Yea my first day of spring break sucked! Hope other people faired better:)
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