March 25, 2012

Spring Break - Day 10 (THE LAST ONE!! UGHH)

So today was my last day of my spring break and I must say I can't believe the time has gone by so damn quickly! It amazes me that I have gone through 10 days as though it feels like a blink of an eye. Well this last day I will say I did try my best to make productive. This morning I did homework for my college course which is actually due tomorrow. But given the fact that I will be too busy with work and then afterwards going to the Oprah show, I felt I better get it out of the way since I technically won't be back home until 10pm.

So after that, I get dressed for a Natural Hair event called Spring into a Curly New Season with the ~Show Me Naturals~ This is a group located in Saint Louis, MO that supports sistas who are wearing their hair natural and proud and also offering advice and support to those who are transitioning. This event was held at the Legacy Books & CafĂ© . I arrive right on time. The event was from 2:30pm to 5:30pm. At the welcome desk they had a nice treat bag from Jessicurl Hair Products. After picking up my bag  I take a seat at one of the back tables.

The program shortly start within the next 10 minutes and at my table I was able to meet some beautiful women who were natural and trading stories about their hair. The Mistress of Ceremonies SunShine Malone. One of the founders of the Show Me Naturals. Overall the event was a great way for people to network, check out the businesses that were there, and take away more knowledge then they came with. My favorite part besides the food, (chicken and mostacholi, can't go wrong with that, sorry I don't eat salads.) was listening to a lady there by the name of Maria Antoinette Loggins. She is a Hair Stylist downtown and she was just a well of knowledge with all the questions that were thrown her way.

Afterwards a few ladies from The Cultural Bop of Saint Louis came through and showed the ladies how to do the Bop and informed us where classes were being held. After their demonstration with some of the ladies from the crowd, they moved on to their prize giveaways. After all that fun, the event festivities were over. While some people left, others stayed behind to talk with their friends, meet new people and return back to the various business booths. Overall I had a wondereful time and I can not wait for next event.

After leaving there I went to the Delmar Loop and visited my favorite boutique store Ziezo and decided I wanted a smoothie from Ben and Jerry's. I could hear the drums playing a block over. Every Sunday a group of musicians come together near the Market Pub House and they jam with their drums and the african rhythms that beat out along with other instruments sometimes will make people dance and shout. I was tempted to take a peek, but decided against it and came home.

This spring break was just what I needed to reharge my batteries so I can push forward with the rest of this school year and finish strong.
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