March 23, 2012

Spring Break - Day 8

Well today I started off this day with plans with my girl Thisha, but unfortunately I had to change them and pretty much wait at home until 4pm for a package. While waiting there my mom calls and informs me that my beautican was not going to be in tomorrow *translate* my appointment was going to be canceled. So I asked if I could come this evening and get my hair done instead. So the plans I originally had with Thisha that were cancelled at 2pm and rescheduled for 4pm, were now cancelled altogether. So I went to the hair salon from 4:50pm and did not get out until about 8:45pm. I was hungry so I decided to stop by Talayana's and get some dinner and then finally made my way back home.

So in a nutshell my damn Friday highlight was getting my hair done. Which is cool so I have Saturday to chill and go in the morning to get my Oprah tickets for this Monday.  After that I'm chillin like a villian. Because I'll be damn if I'm gonna let my Saturday go to hell waiting on a damn package.

Did I mention it rained like crazy all day long? I thought I was somewhat crazy for going out to even get my hair done, but if you saw the condition my head was in, well lets just say people might have been throwing Good night;)
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