March 22, 2012

Spring Break - Day 7

Well this day was definitely more active then yesterday. This morning I met up with a former coworker and friend at the Saint Louis Mills Mall. Her mother's memorial service was this evening and unfortunately I couldn't make it due to my evening class that I take on Thursday nights. We met up at Marshalls so she could pick out an outfit, but we ended up going to Old Navy & The Gap and she was able to find a nice purple cardigan. Purple was her mom's favorite color. Afterwards we went to Walgreens to get some pictures printed for frames that she was going to have displayed. Then we went to Saint Louis Bread Co to assemble the frames and pictures together. Around 2:30pm we departed ways and I went home get some rest and try to calm down a killer headache that was kickin my behind.

At 5:30pm, I make my way to my class. Our teacher informs us of our grades so far and I can honestly say I'm quite shocked and pleased at the same time at my current grade. A rarity I assure you. So at least that brings a smile to my face for at least 5 minutes. Eventually we get a break around 7:30pm and I text my cousin to see how my friend's memorial service went for her mother. He said it was really cool and alot of people showed up. Which I'm not surprised. My friend really made a difference to alot of the students and it is wonderful how people came out to support her.

So eventually class lets out around 8:40pm and I head to a nearby Chinese resturant to get some grub. While I'm there a couple that I used to work with out in Wellston came in and we caught up with each other. We said our goodbyes and i made home a little bit after 10pm.

I can't believe my spring break is almost over, it is going by way too fast. What I wouldn't give just one more week. lol
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