September 21, 2012

The Holy Spirit can get to you anywhere


Today I had an ordinary Friday. I went to work, I walked the high school track to get in some exercise, went back to work, finished work. The end. I had planned on going to the gym this evening for a kickboxing class and to workout on weights, but I decided before going to visit Best Buy because I needed a pedometer for a walking contest that I am in that starts Oct. 1st.

I already had done some research before going so I was 90% sure of the one I wanted to buy, a FITBIT-Zip. So I arrived at the store, go to their pedometer section and glance around at their different options. I found the one I was looking for on an end-cap and I was reading the box. So I decided to go to the computer section of the store and use one of their laptops just to make sure this is what I really wanted. 

Fit Bit - Zip

I went online and checked out a few reviews on the item and I decided against it. I just needed a regular ole pedometer no bells and whistles, which if anyone knows me, knows I like my bells and whistles. So I make my way back over to the pedometers and put that model back on the end-cap. I then walk back over to the other pedometers and start browsing again. I decide on a way cheaper model from Reebok.

Reebok inColor Digital Pedometer

An older African-American gentleman who seemed to be in his late 40's came around the corner in a motorized wheelchair kinda fast. I had to step real quick to the left, because I'm sure if I had not, he might have hit my right foot. He said, "Good afternoon my sister" , I responded back in kind. The first thing I noticed about him besides the wheelchair was that he had on the same bluetooth headset that I own.

LG - Tone Bluetooth Headset

 He then says, "God is good". I nodded my head and just stood there. I didn't want to turn away because I was raised better than that. I could tell from his speech pattern that he had been in a severe accident that left him with some type of brain injury. He told me that his name was Anthony Anderson. He was a truck driver with Aldi's Supermarket. He then tells me what happened to him.

He was in the back of his truck double checking some pallets when all of a sudden a few of them that had not been properly situated came crashing down on him. The pallets weighed between 300 to 4oo pounds. Miraculesy he was able to push the pallets off of himself and stumbled out of the back of the truck bed. He made it on uneasy legs to the front of his truck and opened the door. When he was half way in the cab, his eyes rolled back, he fell backwards and hit his head on the curb. He bent his head down and showed me the area on the back of his head where there was a slight bump, at the time of his accident he said the doctors told him it was the size of a grapefruit.

I just stared at him in amazement. He told me that he was in the hospital but doesn't recall how long because his long term memory is gone from the accident. He is slowly relearning everyday things as well as about himself. He told me that he has 2 daughters. One is 20 the other is 21. They help take care of him. His wife at the time was not interested in his well being and cleaned out all his bank accountd and ran up all his credit cards before walking out on him.

He said he wasn't bitter and that he was blessed just to be alive. The doctors had counted him out and had informed his family that they should probably prepare themselves for the worse. Yet his daughters refused to give up. They would play gospel music daily in his room along with classical and peaceful nature sounds. When he did wake up he didn't know where he was, what had happened, or who he even was.

He then told me how his house had caught on fire and when he woke up to the black "stuff" he did not realize it was smoke. He said he asked God if this was hell and he said God told him no he was still on the earthly plain and he would deliver someone to rescue him. His neighbor across the street happened to see the blaze and attempted to pull him out. At this time the Police, Firefighters, and ambulances had arrived and were trying to get him to calm down. Well with his memory loss he was not understanding why they were asking him to do certain things and it took the neighbor having to explain to the authorities his condition for them to properly help him.

He says he blacked out from that event, remembers waking up in the hospital and seeing his 2 daughters there. Later on he found out from them that his ex-wife arrived at the hospital and informed the nurses and doctors to no longer call her about any issues pertaining to him. They looked dumb struck and asked why she would say that and she repeated what she said earlier and left. His daughters told him about what happened a few months later because they didn't want to risk him getting a stroke or high blood pressure especially with his already fragile state.

He told them, It's okay, I have grace in my heart and God at my back. As long as I have both of those, I'm going to be alright. He told me he knows he has every right to be mad at his ex-wife, she took everything. But he said he learned, To Let Go and Let God handle it all. I just nodded my head as I stood there just soaking in his words. He then told me of a church that he attends. He even gave me a card. He told me he found out about the church through a friend who took him along so he could hear a sermon. 

 He says he always tries to talk to someone, especially to women everyday and tell them how good God is. No matter how much your burden it's never too much for God to handle. He said no mortal being should take your joy and happiness away.  Don't let them dim your light. He said, Let them go and move on. God has something much better in store for you." Now mind you I had not even told him my name let alone anything about my life. My hands began to sweat and I was so nervous because it was like he was looking into my soul. We were glued to that spot in the store for about 40 minutes. I couldn't believe it. When he was done talking he took both my hands into his and said, "Have a wonderful day and beautiful future". I squeezed his hands and said, "Thank you". I watched him go over to the cell phone department and I made my way through the checkout area. I just stood there in a daze, apparently so long I didn't realize that a cashier was signaling me over to him to checkout.

As I was leaving I just looked at the sky and realized it had just stopped raining a few minutes before. Gray clouds were in the sky but I could see the Sun trying to break through. I could see its rays, but nothing else. I got in my car and decided to forgo the gym and just go home and think on what just happened. As I turned on the radio, Katie Perry's song, Fireworks comes on.

As I'm waiting at a red light I burst out into tears. My chest seizes up and I cried so hard. As I got on the ramp for I-170 highway the Sun finally broke out of the clouds. I can't believe all that has happened to me within a week. In my previous post I had talked about trying to find balance in my life with my Physical and Mental self. Yet I knew I needed to work on my Spiritual. I wonder with what happened with me today, was that God giving me a push, letting me know I'm going in the right direction..

If God is a black man, he would look like Morgan Freeman

Until the next episode....

 All That MsJazz

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