September 15, 2012

A day to myself...physically and mentally

You ever feel like you need a day off? Well I did and took one off this past Thursday. I was looking forward to it and had packed an overnight bag to stay at a hotel so I could just chill out and relax. Thursday morning I checked into my spot and got myself comfortable but that was short lived. The toilet had flooded over and had made a mini pool in the bathroom. So I had to call the front desk and move to another room. So after making the switch up and testing out the new facilities I finally settled down again.

After a while I decided to go out and get some breakfast and take a stroll around The STL Galleria. While walking around and window shopping I was thinking about myself, where I am in my life, and the people that are in it. I realized I am blessed to  have such great friends in my life. Yet I realize that there are people in my life who have not been reliable or a constant.  I wonder to myself do people really know me. Sometimes I wonder do I know myself.

So after enjoying my morning stroll I decide to go back to my hotel room and take a nap. Yet unfortunately all I could really do was just walk around my room, pace back and forth, sit down a few times and then I was able to relax. Unfortunately when I was finally ready to take a nap, I found the pillows to be so damn stiff I couldn't really get comfy. I knew this was going to be an issue once I settled in for the night. So eventually I'm able to something that resembled a nap with banging my head into the pillow for all about 20 minutes. Well by the time I came to and realized this was going to be a pointless piece of bullshit I was ready to be on the move again.

So this time I got myself ready and made my way out to the West County Mall. This time I was on a mission, for some reason I was interested in getting a lumbar pack aka a fanny pack that fits on your backside. I was thinking about this for walking purposes. So I went to Dickey's sporting goods store and saw a few that interested me. I tried them on, even saw a purple one and I came to a conclusion. Doesn't matter what color or how cute a lumbar pack might be, they all look weird. lol There is NO way to make them cute regardless of how hard you try. lolol

So after that fruitless search I walked around the mall for a while. Again my mind was wondering on the people in my life. I thought about the people who have made me laugh until I've had tears in my eyes and then I thought of those who have made me cry and they were not tears of mirth. I decided to have lunch there and take advantage of quiet ambiance in one of the restaurants. After taking in my full at the mall I decide to check out the new Nordstrom Rack that just recently opened a few miles down off of Manchester Rd. When I first got there I was shocked to be able to find a parking space so quickly, especially since the parking area was filled to capacity. 

I make my way in and checkout the layout of this store and compare it to the location off of Brentwood Blvd. The Manchester location looked a bit bigger and I must say I was jivin with their shoe selection. In fact two pairs actually caught my eye.

Steve Madden

Vince Camuto - Model: Jemmy

While I was there I also ran into a former Wellston coworker who was also checking out the place and doing some browsing on his own. We chatted for a quick minute then went our ways. I made my way back to my car and then decided I need to take a nice stroll to burn off some aggravation/extra energy from the day. So I thought to myself...where can I go to get a good burn and enjoy the scenery. So I went to Creve Coeur Park and decided I would walk until I could get rid of this extra energy/aggravation. Yea.....I walked 6 miles which took me about 2 hours. That was the ENTIRE walking/biking trail of the area. I was proud I did it especially since I had not been to boxing in 2 days. Left arm has been in some pain, needed time to recoup.

I won't lie, I was a bit stressed that day and didn't eat 100% healthy the way I was suppose to, so I guess guilt kinda was also creeping up on me. Which I'm glad it did. So by the time I was done with my walk, my thighs, legs, and feet were screaming, so I hobbled over to my car and made it back to my hotel room by 8:30pm. By the time I got back to my room I wanted to nothing but sleep. Yet I did eye my bed wearily and think it's not going to be easy with those rock hard pillows. So after settling down, turning on the tv to the Cartoon Network, I try to get myself comfortable for the evening. I swear I think I only slept MAYBE 3 hours tops because the pillows AND the bed were equally unyielding when it came to comfort. 

(9/14) By the next morning I was too happy to pack up my stuff and get ready for work on Friday. I didn't even bother going to the concierge to checkout, I just pressed zero on my phone and told them I'm checking out and the key was on the desk. As I made my way outside the air was damp with steady rain, no sun in sight except through grey clouds and I though wow sometimes the weather can reflect your mood. I made my way to work and functioned the way I was suppose to. As I was going through my phone I decided sometimes the best way to move on is to disconnect via social networks and delete via contacts.Yet I wonder why is it so hard to move on especially when the person was never really around in the first place...Life is weird like that I suppose.

After work I went to T.G.I. Fridays in Bridgeton to meet up with a few friends who I knew from the 24 hour fitness location at Northwest Plaza. It would be a bittersweet time since the gym would be shutting down permanently that day. I had not been there in about a month since I have moved on to my new gym, but others had still been going up until this week.

I realize throughout life you hope that people mature and treat you with respect. That is not always gonna be the case. Yet there has to come a time that your own sense of self preservation and self respect comes through. I am not an alternative option for anyone.  I am not a Hobby. I will not settle for runner up or dead last. I don't accept scraps of affection. I am not a fucking afterthought. I'm an amazing and unique person and deserve not only someone who respects and understands that, but also cherishes that as well.

A famous quote from Maya Angelou rang through my ears through out the day. I love this quote, who knows it might be a tattoo in the near future.

 “The first time 
someone shows you 
who they are, 
believe them."



On a lighter note!: My principal at my job informed me of a marathon that she is doing in December. So I decided I would do the 2 mile walking portion while she is doing the 4 mile running. I sent out an invite via Facebook and Google Plus, so if you would like to join in the festivities, please check it out!!! 


Until the next episode....

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