September 27, 2012

STL Lose to Win Fall 2012 Challenge: Week 3

So this morning I went to my designated area to weigh-in since I was going to a party after work and would not be able to go weigh in afterwards. For the most part I've been doing pretty well with my working out habits. I went to Queeny Park this past Sunday to do my long distance walking.  Let me start off by saying this was the TOUGHEST park I have ever walked. This park also doubles as an Equestrian park and when you seeing all the hills that I had to walk up and down, you kind of get an understanding why it might be a long while before I tackle that park again.

Unfortunately I didn't eat beforehand so I suffered a serious headache and some cramping for the remainder of the day. It was so bad that I had to take off Monday to recuperate. This past weekend I stayed at my sister's apartment to watch her crazy dog, so I was able to get my exercise with walking him around her complex at least 2 to 3 times a day.  I also am still going strong with my boxing and kickboxing classes.

Another app that I am using to help with keeping track of which parks that I have walked is called Foursquare. It's a very popular app that people use to track different locations and earn badges. I enjoy it for unlocking specials and participating stores for discounts, free items, or whatever the business might have going on. Click here for the Saint Louis County Parks

My eating habits are still an issue with me. I know I'm not eating enough and had a long talk with my friend Trenton in regards to my situation. I told him what a meal might consist for me and he thought I was under eating as well. It is so nerve wrecking to make sure I don't over eat but at the same time trying to figure out what to eat and making sure it doesn't have a negative impact on me. Ugh...the drama. The reason I have avoided keeping a food log this time around was that I became so obsessed with it that it drove me nuts (no pun intended). 

So Trenton recommended I start counting my carbs. He gave me a video to watch that I STILL need to make time for. 

So with all of this going on I went and weighed in this morning and ended up gaining .8 pounds. I was a little bit discouraged but the lady that weighed me stated that it probably meant that my fat was turning into muscle. I guess I'm still on the right track overall. I just really have to get my eating in sync with everything else. 

I also happened to see a list that my location is keeping of the top 5 women and men that weigh in at that location along with their percentage weight they are losing. The highest on the list was at 3.85% while I was at 1.85%.  I'm number 5 so far but I'm hoping I can move up in the ranks;)



Until the next episode....

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