September 23, 2012

A night with my girls - Kamina & Danielle

Self pic this morning (9/23) from sis's laptop

(9/22) Yesterday I had a really great morning with working out doing boxing and kickboxing. Once I got home I chilled out for a few hours than deep conditioned my hair. Before leaving my house to make my way out to St. Charles to check on my sister psychotic dog, I made plans with my girl Danielle to pick her up nearby and then she called one of our best friends, Kamina to see where she was so we could hook up with her and go out and have dinner.

Deep conditioned hair yesterday and yes I have on a towel. lol

So we go to her parents' home which is near my home. We chill out front of the house for around 10 minutes until she along with her son and mom arrive. Shortly after we go to Applebee's in St. Johns off of Saint Charles Rock Road. This has been my first time seeing Kamina since Danielle's mom memorial service that was held LAST year.

She told us how she was doing with her family and work. I told her what had been going on with me, but more importantly what had been going on this past week. I told her that I finally reached my breaking point with a situation. I broke down in tears as I told her the story of what happened to me at Best Buy on Friday.

She just listened to me and confirmed what Danielle and other people had been telling me. It was confirmation from God for me to move on. She said as much as I've given and had nothing really shown if barely in return. I deserve better and she is right. She has known the longest along with three other of my best friends (Amy, Kai, & Trenton) what I have been dealing with. She is one of my oldest best friends, we go back to kindegarten. She understands my struggles and has seen my highs and lows with this situation as well as other things throughout my life. She was the first person I called when I found out back in 2004 that my mom had been diagnoised with breast cancer. I had to leave my job that day because I was so distraught and I went over to her apartment and she just held me while I bawled my eyes out.

It felt like old times sitting there with them. We were sitting at a table with four chairs and couldn't help but think who was missing there (Kai). After my tears I had laughter. Kamina said we needed to get together more often and I couldn't agree more. So we will try to get together at least once a month. We pack up and get back to the car. We make our way back to her parents' house and we go in since Kingston, her son is just WIDE awake. So we are playing with him and then Demond (Mina's boyfriend and Kingston's Papa) comes over and he is just cutting up! That is one lively, energetic, and strong young boy:)

Eventually we all pack up and go, Danielle and I say our goodbyes to Mrs. Ballard, Mina, Demond and Kingston. I drop Danielle off at her house and then make my way out to my sis's apartment. I take Cassie (her dog) out for his stroll to handle his business and go to sleep wondering what tomorrow will bring. Oh and before I forget - Happy 30th Birthday Di! I hope you are living it up in Vegas;)

Until the next episode....

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