September 18, 2012

Getting my Mojo back: Walking Project

I've decided as a project that I am going to TRY (huge emphasis on that word,) to walk as many of the different Saint Louis County Parks to add to my health regimen. It will give me a chance to see different scenery and will help with me not being bored. 

So I decided to do some research on my goal and came across the Saint Louis County Parks website. This site is WONDERFUL! It gives a break down of all the different parks in Saint Louis County and they even have a trail page so I can see ahead of time where I might want to walk and lets me know how many miles I'm dealing with.

I've already walked 2 parks so far Creve Coeur and McDonnell. I plan on walking all the parks, God willing, but I will space them out and try to do a new park every Sunday. Since I will be working out with boxing and kickboxing Monday through Saturday. I like to walk a lot and this can be my leisure time to just relax but still get some exercise in my schedule.

Who knows once I get the County parks out the way I might go for the City ones, but that is a distance "who knows" in the future. I have already walked Forest Park a few times, but none of the other city parks. 

I also am trying to get back into cycling seriously. But it is such a pain putting my bike in my backseat so eventually I will have to get a bike rack for my car. Not to mention I'm really going to have to get my "generous sized behind" acclimated back to those darn bike seats. I'm ok after a few minutes and by a few I mean 10 or 15....

Again I have to give props to Endomondo for being a part of my life. If you have not tried out this app for your phone and you want some extra motivation, this app does it in spades. I have tracked all of my walks (along with other physical activities that I do such as my cycling, boxing and kickboxing classes) so far on this app and have uploaded them so other people who use the program can use my walks as a place to find available parks and can go up against my times to see if they can beat it. Great social website where people can leave comments on your activities and keep you motivated. 

For me, I'm staying motivated by seeing this:
My exercise log for September with Endomondo.
My exercise log for the year (Click to Enlarge)

So right now I'm doing pretty good in the working out department. Which leaves me to combat my eating right issue. I'm still trying to find my balance and have started to read a few books related to eating right, but really trying to dig deep and keep focused on reading via my Kindle app, one book that my friend Trenton has recommended for me called, Why We Get Fat: And what to do about it, Author: Taubes Gary.

This weekend I also bought via Best Buy a machine called a NutriBullet, quite excited about this. So once I get accustomed to it, I shall update and let you know my take on it.


Last but not least I also decided I need to start measuring my different body parts to see besides my weight if I can start seeing a difference in myself. So I bought via Ebay a Body Fat Caliper & a Body Tape Measure.

Body Caliper & Body Tape Measure

Also to help with my Walking overall I joined a challenge at my school that is called Fall 2012 Walking Works District Challenge. This involves not only my school district but also 21 other school districts within Missouri. We compete against each other to see which school has the most miles walked. It starts Oct. 1st and ends Nov. 11th. Now my only issue is finding a decent Pedometer. Have my sights on one, will due further research;)

I have found out taking walks help clear my mind and help me expel any negative energy that I might be feeling at the time.  They help calm my thoughts and my emotions (which can be explosive depending on the situation, but only rarely.)

Nene throwing me the "side eye" on the previous sentence.

Let's face it with the changes I'm making in my life, I see a lot of walks in my future, I'm just predicting when and where. So as you can see, I am on my way, Literally;)

Until the next episode....

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