September 10, 2012

A little bit of this and a little bit of that makes for a VERY busy weekend

Well these past 3 days were filled to the brim. On Friday after work I decided to fore go the gym and do a bit of self pampering with a Manicure and Pedicure. Even with all that crazy rain, I just preferred going to the nail shop. I figured if I was to be swept away at least my hands and feet would be on point. 

French Manicure - Gel Nail Style

Felt like a light blue this time

Afterwords I enjoyed dinner right next door at Piccadilly.  Eventually I make the trek home via side streets because with the rain still pouring down I try to avoid highways whenever I can. I finish the evening off with some Max Payne 3 courtesy of my Xbox 360 and doze off to the symphony of raindrops outside my windows.

Saturday, I woke up and did some minor cleaning around the house until it was time to leave for my boxing and kickboxing classes. Since I had some time to burn before my first class I decided to go to Shop N Save and get a side dish for dinner and stocked up on some Liquid Water Enhancers. I can honestly say using these whether in powder or liquid form have helped me tremendously in regards to drinking water. I have phased out drinking soda all together.

These are Shop N Save's brand and also these 2 flavors are my faves from this line.

I make my way to the gym and get myself wrapped up for my boxing class. One of the instructors asked me after we were done with warm ups if I was willing to work with a new student to the class. I told him no problem and he introduced me to an older gentleman who had never boxed before. So I went through some paces with him and was helping him correct his form along the way. I was wearing boxing mitts for the first round while he was working on his punches. Eventually we switch up and the instructor tells him to watch out because I hit hard. lol So at first I was just tapping him lightly and I told him to help remember the different combos that the instructor yells out to say them to himself as he hits or as he is holding the mitts. It works for me:)

Boxing Mitts

So after a while I tell him I'm going to start hitting hard. He braces himself but not enough... After the first few hits, his eyebrows go up. The instructor looked at him and told him, I told you she hits hard. The new guy was nodding his head in agreement. ego was riding on high that day.

So after that class ended I take a breather while the kickboxing classes starts their warm ups. My favorite workout buddy came in then and I got myself ready mentally and physically for the ass whoopin she was about to put on me with her kicks. When I say this chic feels like a mini mack truck coming at me with her legs, believe me, I"m not joking. She has left me bruised plenty a good times. Oh and did I mention I am using Muay Thai pads for protection?

Muay Thai pads

So after that class, I'm just drenched in sweat but I am so happy!!! Two hours of working out done and so I go home and relax. That evening I had planned on going to an event that was being held at Christopher Stevens Salon, but I woke up a hour prior to the event and knew my hair was in no condition for a public function. So I deep conditioned it and went through my regular routine of getting it styled but unfortunately since I had to let my hair air dry, I just decided to stay home. Dinner that evening was a medium rare steak with a small portion of mashed potatoes.

Now this Sunday was a doozy. I had baby shower for a wonderful friend of mine Nolan and his girlfriend Wendi. The house where it was held in Webster Groves was BEAUTIFUL!!! 

My lord that neighborhood is a hidden gem I did not know existed. So I enjoyed conversation with their friends and the food spread was quite impressive. I kept on track and had a bottle water, a mimosa (yes it was good) and a Bratwurst. Afterwards it was time to open the presents.

Lots of goodies!!!

Nolan and Wendi

Eventually I had to leave a little bit earlier than scheduled to make my next destination... Depaul Hospital. There was an sign up going on for an event I had decided to join along with two friends called Lose to Win Challenge

By the time I got there it was in full swing. In fact from what I gathered this is a very popular event.  It cost $10 to join and from what I could tell when I signed up I was #947 so that should give you an idea of how many people are in this challenge. The contest started today and will go until the December 3rd. You have to go to your designated "weigh in" station once a week to mark your progress. I picked a CURVES location near my house. The prize is the top 5 men and top 5 women will be in the Suburban Journal newspaper and receive grand prizes. There are also prizes for those who do not miss a week of weighing in through out the whole challenge. No, I don't know what the prizes are, believe me some participants asked during orientation. 

After orientation my friend Thisha and myself went into another room where they had different vending booths where we spoke with various sponsors (spoke with a dietician, free BMI and blood pressure readings from nurses, two doctors were available to speak with, SSM healthcare pamphlets were just a few of the booths that stood out). We finished up and checked out and we are so excited. Our friend Cassandra who went to an orientation session on Saturday is also in this challenge with us.

By then I was exhausted and hungry. I went home and I was staring at some chicken I had marinated at midnight because I had planned on grilling it, well that plan went out the window so I just prepped it for the oven and within a few hours I had dinner ready with a small side and a flavor water. I watched American Reunion and I was laughing so hard I almost fell off the sofa!!! Overall my weekend was kick ass and I'm looking forward to the next one.

On a separate note: I happen to find a video that shows the layout of my gym. If you want to check it out. Go for it. Finney's MMA

Until the next episode....

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