March 22, 2014

Shameless Plug: Bling Blam

Yesterday after my hair appointment I had the pleasure of meeting up with an amazing jewelry artist. He goes by the name of Ras Tree but he is well known through the Saint Louis area by his business name Bling Blam. A long time ago and I'm talking at least 5 to 7 years at least, I first met Tree at The Loft (a club downtown) and he was showing his jewelry and also doing custom pieces on the spot. So I was there with my girl Kamina along with some other friends to celebrate either her birthday or college graduation. If you ask any of my friends one of my weakness is jewelry especially unique pieces that are not mass produced.

So that night I decided on a few stones that I wanted to be made into a set: a pair of earrings, a ring, and a bracelet.

My favorite color is purple and since I happen to be born Mid February my birthstone is Amethyst. So pretty much whenever I can get something made uniquely for me with a stone 90% it's going to be with an Amethyst stone. So that night I picked out some beautiful purple stones for my earrings and ring, but decided on a different stone for my bracelet. He informed me that they would be ready within a hour so to check back with them around then. So I went back to partying with Kamina and her friends and sure enough a hour later I went back to check with him and I saw the beautiful masterpieces he made for me. Just for me. Ever since then whenever I go out I always receive compliments on them and some people even offer to buy them off of me. 

So back in November of last year I was at a performance at the Touhill Center on University of MO-St. Louis campus and the young lady that was in charge of choreography (Andrea Peoples)  for the play had on this AMAZING jewelry and I instantly thought of Tree. I had been thinking about getting a similar piece for a long time but always pushed it to the back of my mind.

Unfortunately I couldn't get a clear picture of it from where I was seated. But Andrea's Bracelet/ring combo and earrings were made for her as well by another artist, not Tree.

So I was drawn to Andrea's beautiful piece the whole time I saw her after the play and knew eventually I needed to get in touch with Tree to have a similar piece made for myself. So we finally were able to meet up yesterday and I met him at his place of business and I WISH I could have taken some pictures of his beautiful stones but unfortunately my phone was barely at 5% at the time.

I personally love dark purple stones and he had some small ones. I was hoping for a large one but he had some beautiful raw light purple stones that reminded me of lavender. So he picked out some that he suggested and also a white quartz that would also help compliment the set.

Other pieces that he has created

These as well

So shortly after he begins to work on my masterpiece and through it all he is measuring my wrist and middle finger. We talk and laugh while listening to some music that is playing in the background. I just have to say that the music he was playing was wonderful I told him when he goes back to New York to please ask the DJ who sold him the mix to see if they have a store online because I would GLADLY buy it and add to my collection.

So I digress, back to my bracelet. Within a  hour my beautiful piece is ready. I'm too giddy and pleased and Tree is just laughing at me:) I wore my other pieces he had previously made with me so he could see that I wanted it all to compliment each other.  He did an amazing job.

So after cheesing at my new addition, we took some more pictures inside and outside.

I felt so happy and on cloud nine with my new piece. I especially love how the ring stone looked similar to a heart. Not the kind you see on Valentines but  an actually biological heart. 

I went there with high expectations and Tree exceeded them through the roof!! I went there as an anxious customer but I left feeling like a GODDESS!!! 

So if you are in the market for a unique piece, definitely hit him up on Facebook.

I do hope in the near future he might consider an Instagram page so I along with his legion of fans can keep up with his beautiful pieces.

 As I was looking at some of his other photos on his Facebook page I think I might have found myself a future custom piece in mind.....what do ya'll think?:)

Until the next episode....

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