March 9, 2014

Celebration: Danni's Bday weekend

Friday, Mar. 7th

This weekend I had the pleasure of celebrating one of my best friend's birthday. My girl Danni's birthday was officially this past Thursday. She decided to celebrate her birthday in two episodes. Episode one was on Friday and she invited some folks out to the Hibachi Grill out in St. Charles, MO. I decided to stop and buy a gift that I know that she would GREATLY appreciate and then made my way out the resturant.

After making my way there and greeting Danni I went to the party room where her party was seated and greeted some other folks who were also there. Shortly afterwards we made our way to the buffet area and loaded up some plates with food. Eventually more folks did show up and we had a great time laughing and joking all around.

Of course no birthday gathering is over without a cake and I have to say the cake that was made for Danni was AMAZING!!!! It was a Strawberry Lemonade cake. It was so good I had to request a glass of milk so I could fully enjoy the experience.

After a few hours our get together comes to a close but before we leave I make sure to get a picture of Danni with the gift I bought for her.

Saturday, March 8th

Now part 2 of Danni's birthday bash was held at the Hollywood Casino. Danni had reserved a VIP booth at a club there called Boogie Nights. I arrived early around 8:30pm and waited outside the club area for Danni and some other friends to show up.

Once we get inside the music which was only 70's and 80's music was going full blast.  We were shown to our area by a hostess and settled in. We enjoy some drinks and of course danced and sang in our area. The atmosphere was great. There were people who were dressed in 70's costumes and they were getting down! Overall we had a great time.

While we were having such a great time there was also this AMAZING chick who was doing hula hoop routines. I couldn't believe the level of talent this woman had. She was doing some insane routines.

Also there was a hula hoop contest and two of my friends, Zippy and Mo were in it. Mo kept it slow and steady and that is how she won. I'll let you guess which one was Mo:) She had some serious rhythm. 

I will also say the layout of the club was pretty nice. The floors lit up and of course  you can't have a 70's theme club without a big ole Disco ball.

Now I will say even though we had a wonderful time, my biggest complaint was that the drinks were SO watered down, I didn't even get a buzz from the 3 that I had. I even double checked with my friends and they agreed. But beyond that I had a great time. Before leaving I had to make sure I snapped one selfie in the bathroom.

After Mike, Zippy and Mo left, the remaning party members ( Danni, Lashelle, Bridgette and myself) went to St. Charles and stopped at a 24 hour restaurant called Ginghams Homestyle Restaurant. Danni along with another friend Lashelle were raving about the food so I was very interested to see how this place really stacked up. So after we arrive, we make our way in and the place is packed with folks but we still managed to be seated within a few minutes.

The menu is pretty big as far as options go and everything I was thinking about getting Danni told me it was great and I wouldn't be disappointed. So I decided to order breakfast and it looked delicious once it arrived. It was even better as I was eating it:)

After our bellies were full we said our goodbyes and made our separate treks home.  Good times were had by all and I'm glad that Danni had a such a great time this weekend celebrating her birthday:)

Until the next episode....

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