March 2, 2014

My Natural Hair Regimen: Keep trucking along.....

So I realized I am LONG overdue in an update to my hair progress. So I thought what better time to do my next length check then while watching the Oscars! Since my hair has been growing I try to keep my hair stretched with two-strand twists. Yet there are times I just let it be and sometimes don't retwist up. I'm knocking on my two year Natural Hair anniversary and wanted to see how I'm doing so far.

Oh and during that time I also decided I needed to wash my hair. So I started around 4pm and didn't get done till around 8:45pm.

My regimen for the most part has not changed. I'm still using the same products that I was using before and I still enjoy making some of my hair products as well. 

Shrinkage is still a bitch that hasn't changed.  This is what my hair looks like without any stretching. After washing and prepping to be twisted.

Eventually after taking some pics I twisted up and wrapped it down.

Finally able to relax and just watch TV

What have I learned about my hair so far? My hair feels like cotton. It's not thick (in my opinion) but it's not thin either.  It doesn't grow super fast but I see the progress and it seems to be steady. I just hope it will stay steady and not reach its peak. My only regret is that I didn't big chop my hair a long time ago. I still don't use heat on my hair unless it's for a deep condition and I tell ya, I don't miss curling or flattening irons AT ALL!

UPDATE 3/3/14: Another thing I thought about was that it is SOO important not to compare your journey to somebody else, unless you happen to have an identical twin(s)....but that is just them. For me seeing other women with their progression I have to remind myself that  my hair being healthy is the most important thing before anything else. As long as I have that, everything else will fall into place. I used to get sad because I was wondering what is wrong with me and why isn't my hair just as thick, full, and long. I've been doing everything that I'm suppose to be doing and then I realized nothing is wrong. This is just my journey and it is unique from everyone else.

Until the next episode....

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