March 22, 2014

Natural Hair: It's that time again, to see my kinky kologist

Back on Feb 3rd I made my appointment to see Daisha yesterday just to make sure my hair was ok. I was so happy I actually ended up being thirty minutes early and just killed time by walking up and down the street on Washington Ave until around 8:55am. My appointment wasn't until 9:05am.

So a worker lets me in and shortly after Daisha comes up the front of the salon and checks out my hair. She is pleased with how well it's doing and I let her know I want to get a two-strand twist. So she sends me to the washroom area and a young lady preps my hair to go under the steamer for a treatment. I'm thinking I might need to invest in a full steamer in the future.

So after being under the steamer, my hair is washed out and I'm sent up front to Daisha's chair to have my hair twisted up.

 I will say looks sure are deceiving. While Daisha was doing my hair I could really tell that my hair is definitely in the middle or leaning slightly towards thin when she braided me up. Yet it doesn't look like when I normally wear an afro out.

So after she completes my twists I go under the dryer for a while and afterwards I go back to her chair.

But after she took out the rods she noticed there were still sections that were not completely dry at the root and others not completely dry at the tips, so I went back underneath the dryer.

So after they are dry I go back up to the front and Daisha finished up my hair. She instructed me that throughout the week to twist it back up and separate the twists more. So she wants me to visit her in a week so she can see what the twists look like. I also informed her that I was thinking about making a business out of my homemade hair products and I would bring her a sample the next time I see her.

So with this style I can possibly keep it up for at least 3 weeks to a month. So I'll be documenting throughout then to see what it will look like. Hopefully it will expand out with time. Yet my main goal is to make sure my hair is healthy and hopefully will keep growing. I'm having soo much fun with my hair journey and I'm going to keep having fun with it.

Until the next episode....

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