April 7, 2013

Walking Project: Tower Grove Park

Yesterday morning I decided I needed to get back into my Walking Project. So I after much thought I decided I was going to tackle Tower Grove Park. I driven past it from time to time. I didn't realize that it was so close to the Missouri Botanical Garden, which I had walked last year. So I decided to park in the Circle drive area in the center of the park so I could find my car easily.

Where I park this beautiful structure was near by and thankfully had a restroom. While checking the restroom area I couldn't help but notice that the handicap section didn't have a DOOR!!!

no door......

self pic before walking
So after using the facilities I get my music ready and my Endomondo app started and proceed to walk. Exactly where was the interesting part. Unlike Forest Park where you know where the walking sidewalk is, with Tower Grove there is a section as well but eventually you walk around the park and you might hit dead ends and have to figure by looking around if and if so, where the walking sidewalk continues. At one point I was on a street in the park and decided to stick to it since I wanted to walk the outer area as much as possible. 

 At the early stages of my walk I came across an ornithologist area for those who wish to check out the birds. I saw a few folks with there cameras and smiled as I walked past them.


The scenery was quite nice and I was very interested in the beautiful pavilions that were scattered throughout the Park.

  Also as I was walking I noticed quite a few Kickball teams that were either playing in games or practicing. I must say they take their playing quite seriously. I also saw my mom's old school where she used to teach. It was her first teaching assignment. The school used to be called Southwest High school but now goes by Cleveland High School.

The school is in the background

I must say this was definitely one of my slowest walking treks even though I tried to keep a fast pace. Probably since its been a while since I've done a trek like this. It just reintereates for me how much I need to get back into my workouts because I know i have definitely been slacking and lacking.


Until the next episode....

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