April 7, 2013

An evening with Natural Hair Guru CurlyNikki

Now after my walk out at Tower Grove Park, I went home to take a nap. Eventually I woke up because my hair was jacked up and I was due for my weekly co-wash/dentangling/deep treatment/hot oil etc....etc.....etc.... (not all in that order)

So after getting my hair together, I do my makeup and get dressed to go downtown to meet Nikki Walton aka Curly Nikki

Her website was one of the first I went to when I decided to go natural. Yet before making it to my final destination I went to Barnes and Noble to pick up a copy of her latest book so I could have her sign it.


 I make my way to the Meet and Greet which is being held at The Coliseum off of Washington and Jefferson. By the time I arrived the line was pretty long. So after waiting outside for 20 minutes, the line starts moving and we make our way inside.

The event was wonderful and it was sponsered by Shea Moisture. As we entered we were given a ticket for a complimentary drink. The drink menu options were really cool. The layout for the event was great. Besides taking in the scenery of all these sistas with their various natural crowns, I also saw an area where ladies were giving their natural hair stories, another spot for pictures to be taken, and even another area where there was a Shea Moisture representative doing consultations for ladies to learn about their hair type and what products they should use.

 Now something else there also garnered my attention in the back and it was this stand for a product called the Q-Redew. It's a hand held steamer to use for your hair. I spoke with the husband and wife duo of this product and after speaking with them for about 20 minutes I was sold and picked up one. I can't wait to start using it in my regimen. I had been looking into a steamer for a few months. I had looked at the Huetiful and even a regular salon full sized steamer. This one I think would best suit my needs. It's portable and can hopefully add the moisture I need to my hair before applying my daily products. In the past I was just massaging lightly into my hair some warm water to help "wake" it up. I think this will definitely help me in the long run. Now as my hair gets longer, eventually I think a full sized one will become more beneficial for me. But at least with the Q-Redew, if I don't want a whole head of drenched hair, this will work perfectly.

Heidi Schmid

Business Card


Well after enjoy my Nikki Curly Cosmo and walking around taking pictures, I get in line and wait to meet Nikki. Can I say right off the bat she is so pretty and her style is flawless. The ensemble she had on last night looked great. After a 30 minute wait I was able to meet Nikki and gave her my book to sign as well as take a few pictures.

Curly Nikki and myself

autographed copy
Overall I had a wonderful night. On the way out I received a gift bag which contained a few vendor products as well as full size container of one of their products (Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque).

Until the next episode....

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