April 10, 2013

UPDATE: My Natural Hair Regimen - No Longer a TWA, not yet anything else

What else to do in the middle of a tornado warning? Check your hair length. #naturalhair

Back when I had a TWA I was on top of the world because I could wash my hair and do what I needed to do with minimal fuss. Well those days are long and gone since my hair has decided to GROW. Yes the nerve of I'm not that mad. Yet with it growing I have had to learn to adjust to it and might I say it has not been as easy as I thought, yet it is a learning experience that I'm embracing.

Challenges that I have found with my growth journey have been DETANGLING, stretching out the use of my products aka not overdosing, and adding new products to my regimen.

For the most part I am still using the same products that I have used since my first write up about my regimen. What do I do differently now since my hair has grown? Learn a WHOLE lot of patience when it comes to detangling. Back in February, I had scheduled an appointment with Daisha (from The Christopher Steven Salon)  because my hair had just gotten out of control. I tell you it was the stuff that nightmares were built on. I felt I was over my head and Daisha helped me get back in control.

Ever since then I have become more diligent in my hair care routine. Like I said before I still use the same products for the most part but I've changed up how I use them and I've added other items to my list.

Now when I get ready for co-washing/hot oil/deep conditioning my hair I make sure I have the following items: 

1.  My combs and De-tangling brush

Wide Tooth Comb

rat tail comb

De-tangling Brush

2. Metal Duckbill Clips - the more the merrier. With my hair I was using 9. That still wasn't enough. I bought mine from Sally's. Every now and then they have specials, buy 2 packs get 1 free.

3. As I am Coconut Co-Wash

4. Tropic Isle Living Lavender Jamaican Black Castor Oil

5. Micro Fiber Towel - My preference is for a brand called Aquis. Their towels can be found at Marshalls, TJMaxx, Nordstroms.....and other stores as well as online. Please be aware that there are many version of Micro Fiber Towels. You want to find a towel that is absorbent but doesn't snag on your hair. This will lead to breakage. The smoother the towel the better. I personally stay away from cotton towels because of the snagging issue.

6. Tropic Isle Living Leave In Conditioner

What I normally do after I have gotten my hair wet is apply the Jamaican Black Castor Oil into sections on my scalp and then smooth through with my fingers to the rest of my hair. I use my Metal Duckbills to help section hair.  Afterwards I apply my Coconut Co-wash on top and put through the same sections as the JBCO and then throughout the rest of my hair. Once I double check that I've taken all the duckbills out of my hair I then take a plastic cap and get under my heat cap. Personally Iike to stay under my heating cap for at LEAST 15 minutes. Sometimes I'm under for as long as 30 minutes. To me the longer the better.

Afterwards I take off the plastic cap and proceed to use my fingers to section off parts of my hair with the help of the Metal Duckbill Clips. At this point my hair is so smooth and has such slip that its easy for me to get my fingers through it at least into sections. Once I'm done sectioning, I take one section at a time and proceed to detangle. For me my detangling process starts with using my big tooth comb and slowly combing from root to tip. If I encounter any issues, and I will, I then stop once I reach the area and section again into smaller areas and then will use my detangling brush. Once I'm able to run it through the section without any issue I take a Metal Duckbill Clip and clip that section of hair down and move onto the next. 

Every now and then I might find a knot. Thankfully I've been doing such a good job I have not encountered that many but when I do, that is when my rat tail comb comes into play. If I get to a section with a knot I take the metal part of the comb and slowly pick through it to see if I can unravel it. If need be I will add more co-wash to the area for more slip. Once I'm able to get the knot free I then will follow through with my detangling brush. I go through my whole head until I've detangled it.

Once I'm done detangling I will wash my hair with warm water until all remnants of the JBCO and Co-wash are gone, I then finish washing with cool to cold water. I take my microfiber towel and pat my head, NOT rub, until all excess water is gone. 

I then take my homemade mixture of oils and apply to my scalp. I then massage it in for a few minutes.   

Mixture from Naptural85. I also have added Grapeseed Oil. In future batch will add Peppermint Oil and Tropic Isle Red Pimento Oil

Now something new I have added to my regimen is the Tropic Isle Living Leave-in Conditioner. For a while I have had serious issues finding a leave-in conditioner for my hair. I tried the version from As I am, hated it. Tried it from Kera Care Naturals...hated it. So I looked at the Tropic Isle Living version. Tried it and I love it. I only apply during a co-wash day. Don't use it through the week.

Now normally after applying my oils I would have followed with either the Design Essentials Stretching Cream or Enhancing Mousse. But for a while and I mean for the past few months I have forgone using a finishing product such as those because I've been enjoying seeing my natural curl pattern without any enhancements.  Beforehand I had stopped using them because I wasn't getting the same look but I learned that was because my hair was so tangled that I needed a fresh start with a trim for my hair to act right. Which is why I went to see Daisha back in February.

So NOW after I apply oils I then use the Design Essentials Daily Moisturizing Lotion and then my homemade mixture of Shea Butter. I finish with either the Carol's Daughter Tui Moisturizing Hair Sheen or Design Essentials Reflections Liquid Shine 

Design Essentials Reflections Liquid Shine

As I've been going through my natural hair journey I have learned that I don't need to over do it on using my products. For example. I normally will oil my scalp at night. I used to do it ever night. I now have changed it to every other night, sometimes I can go a few evenings before reapplying.  I've also learned to buy a bigger version of any products I use if the option is available. For example for Design Essentials in their Shampoo and Moisturizing Lotion they now offer a 16 oz version which I find at Sally's beauty stores.

Steamers Steamers Steamers What can I say. Ever since Daisha gave me that steaming treament when I saw her. I've been on a mission of finding a steamer for myself. When I went to the Meet and Greet for Curly Nikki on Saturday I was taken with the Q-Redew portable steamer and decided to implement some steam into my daily regimen twice a week. I know eventually I will still look into a full size steamer and actually have found one on Amazon but for right now I think the Q-Redew will satisfy my needs.

At night, I always put on my satin bonnet and I also sleep on a satin pillow case.

My morning daily regimen for hair is:

  • take some warm water and massage it lightly through hair unless I'm going to use my steamer
  • Apply my Design Essential Daily Moisturizing Lotion  
  • Homemade Shea Butter Mixture
  • Finish with the Carol's Daughter or Design Essentials Sheen  
I also might take a pick to my hair to fluff out slightly.

Updated pics of my hair since February, taken this evening.

 Now I know that was probably a lot to take in and hopefully your brain isn't on overload. Just thought I would share what I am doing currently for my hair.

I also have been reading some books to help me out as well and have found the following to be very helpful. So if you can check them out.




Until the next episode....

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