January 27, 2013

STL Lose to Win Spring 2013 Challenge: Week 1

Well this past Thursday I had my first official weigh in for the STL Lose to Win Spring 2013 Challenge. I was quite nervous because I unfortunately have not been to the gym on a regular basis since the week of December 6th 2012. I had hurt my left hand and needed some time to let it heal. I also had not been able to partake in my regular weekly walks because of the change in weather. So I became lazy in my routine and then unfortunately old bad habits started to resurface in my eating and had become full blown by the end of December and carrried through into the New Year even with my resolutions to myself.

So when I went to my Curves location to weigh-in it was more with a sense of dread  than with  excitement. I felt like I was walking to the gallows when I approached the scale.  When the employee instructed me to get on the scale I even closed my eyes and turned my head away from the numbers so I would not have to see them.

So I waited for the verdict and in the end I have gone back up 8.6 pounds.  Now I have mixed reviews on this. At first I was like "huh?" I thought I had gained back more than that especially with my eating. So I was happy that I hadn't ballooned all the way back up. Yet I was like damn, that is nearly a 10 pound gain in almost two months. So I went home Thursday evening and just thought, OK, so I got that part out of the way. Now I need to get back to my workout habits mentally and physically. 

Well yesterday I went to an Inaugural meeting that my friend Trenton had set up in regards to helping people with losing weight. Originally there were suppose to be about (I think) 5 people in this study, but in the end besides Trenton's wife, only myself and another friend of his showed up. Now earlier Saturday morning I had watched a series of videos that Trenton had instructed us to watch before the meeting. 

 So during the meeting he was bringing up some of the same points from the videos. I could definitely relate with them and my struggle with losing weight. So our meeting went from 1pm to around 3:15pm. I can't wait for our next meeting but I do plan on watching the videos again. They are definitely an eye opener.

Update with my other contest:  


This contest hasn't gone off to a good start because its been so bloody cold outside I haven't been able to get back into my walks yet. Not sure if there are any indoor track facilities in Saint Louis. Wish I could find one.

Have I had these thoughts before? Sure, every now and then but then I'm like, I don't want to be skinny, I just want to be healthy, just brickhouse & toned healthy. Not to mention if others can put in the work to get their results, then I have to do the same.

Until the next episode....

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