January 13, 2013

Renewal of the Mind and some activities for the Body this year 2013

The new year brings about opportunities to renew one's efforts within themselves. For me it will be once again getting back into focus with my weight. This past Friday I signed back up for the walking challenge that is offered through my job. It starts back up on the 14th and seeing I have not been able to get in a good walk in over a month. I know I am long overdue to get back on track with getting my health back in order. I definitely plan to renew my efforts also with my walking project .

Also this Saturday coming up I will be back up at DePaul Hospital signing back up for the Lose to Win Saint Louis competition. I had such a good time with it last time, I decided to keep it as part of my routine as I journey through this weight loss lifestyle change.

 Now what I am really excited about is that my friend Trenton decided to do a study on weight loss. He has helped me in the past with my never ending battle/struggle and at one point I had lost 50 pounds but eventually put it back on because I was not diligent about it, this was a few years ago. I told him I definitely was going to need him to keep on me about it this time and he has given me some interesting material to view/ listen to via Youtube, which by the way I just realized I need to listen to today. There are seven videos in all.

Last but not least I need to get my ass back in the gym I haven't been in a while because I injured my left hand but now it seems back to normal so I'm ready to start back up my boxing and kickboxing classes.  Oh and I need to get into my lifting also

But on Friday I also received a letter from my general health doctor informing of a weight loss program aka "wellness program" that they call "We want you Well". His patients will benefit from the following as services offered through this program:

  • Work one-on-one with a free health coach who is an Esse Health wellness employee
  • Meet regulary with your health coach at a conveniently scheduled time either in-person at my office, over the phone or even via email. 
  • Enjoy personalized meal plans designed by your health coach to promote weight loss. The only cost is the food I eat.
  • Can expect to lose 2 to 5 pounds a week, on average.
Also there are a few physical challenges this year I would really like to participate in also.
My friend Anita informed of a fun event called The Muckfest, it helps raise money for Multiple Scholoris. Go HERE for more info. The team I will register with is called The Down and Dirty Dolphins.
St. Louis MuckFest MS
MuckFest MS Tour Making A Stop in St. Louis on May 18, 2013
Rise to the dirty challenge on a five-mile obstacle course constructed of steel benefitting the National MS Society

On Saturday, May 18, 2013, thousands of women and men from all over will rise to the dirty challenge and gather in St. Louis to take part in this year’s MuckFest MS.

MuckFest MS is so much more than an obstacle course with mud. In the weeks before MuckFest MS, the course is dug out with heavy machinery and a whole lot of water is added. Twenty steel-constructed obstacles are then assembled and placed among the mud-filled trenches, slip-n-slide pits and moon-sized craters. We’re not talking rinky-dink barricades made out of two-by-fours that you find on some mud runs out there. These obstacles are solid-steel behemoths that are transported by semi-trailers and require days, not hours, of prep and construction at each event site.

A spectacular highlight reel and Pulitzer-worthy photo opportunities await as muckers run, slip, slide, climb, swing and slosh (and laugh and curse) their way through a diabolically hilarious gauntlet of mucky obstacles.

And the fun doesn’t stop when the muckers get hosed off. There’s a party in the MuckFestival area with beer, food, music and front row seats to watch the remaining muckers take on the obstacles and cross the finish line. (By the way, beer and lunch are included in the registration fee.)

There’s even a separate, specially-designed playlot for kids to get dirty in. We call it the Lil’ Muckers area.

For muckers running the course, no special training is required, although a good sense of humor helps immensely, especially on that titanic swing set perched on the edge of a shimmering pool of muck.

Registration for MuckFest MS is now open at
The charity partner of MuckFest MS is the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Unlike many mud runs and obstacle course events that return a fraction of funds to their charity partners, MuckFest MS returns 100% of the fundraising revenue back to the National MS Society. That’s what makes MuckFest MS different. We do everything we can to advance and promote the mission of our charity partner, the National MS Society. Our charity partner is the main reason why we bring people together in the first place. Participation in MuckFest MS helps the Society provide vital programs and services to people living with MS and fuels cutting-edge MS research into the cause, treatment and cure for this chronic disease of the central nervous system. Read more about the life-changing work of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society at  (Courtesy:
I also am interested in participating in The Warrior Dash that will be held on Sept. 28th in Wricght City, MO. This challenge will benefit St. Jude's Children Hospital and it's a 3-mile course with just as much dirt as the Muckfest.  
People are also known to wear interesting costumes as well....
Then there is The Color Run! The first time I even had heard about this, I happen to be having brunch with some coworkers last year and saw some people who obviously had been in some marathon but they were covered from head to toe in various colored powders, it was a sight to behold. So I asked one of the participants about it and she told me that its a marathon and as you get to certain sections of it you get blasted by a certain color at each station ( 4 stations in total) until you finish. AWESOME!!
 Now what is really cool with this marathon is that it will be happening TWICE this year. First time will be April 27th and the second time will be held September 15th. This year they are partnering up with Autism Speaks The Saint Louis Chapter. 

So as excited as I am with what the new year will bring. I also know I need to get my mind right for my body to follow.

Until the next episode....

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