January 22, 2013

Side Rant: I can't stand incompetent FOLKS

As of right now it's 4:15pm as I start this post. I have sick student in my office and a requested a cab for my student back at 3:10pm. I first called the cab company which is protocol but they informed me that by 2:30pm any calls made AFTER that time for a cab have to be requested through VICC (Voluntary Inter-district Choice Corporation)

So I called VICC and they inform me that I had to call the cab company to make the arrangements. I inform her SWIFTLY that I already had done that and that they informed me that I had to call THEM and that THEY had to make the arrangements. So the VICC representative makes the arrangements, takes down the information she needs on the student and myself and lets me know that a cab will be there, but is not sure of what time since it is after school hours. I told her that was fine and proceed to wait........and wait.....until I decide to call by 4pm to see what the status was especially with us having received about 2 inches of snow today.

I call the cab company and they inform me that the cab driver had already been by the school and left about 10 minutes ago, that would be around 3:50pm - 3:55pm-ISH. I was like WTF!!!! I asked why he didn't come by our main door because I have a camera that allows me to see who buzzes the doorbell before they are allowed entrance. I told the lady furthermore he did not attempt to call my office because IF HE HAD, I would have clearly had told him that he was not where he was suppose to be.

Needless to see I was heated and the heffer on the phone wasn't making the situation any better. So to further piss me off she states that I have to call BACK to VICC  and that THEY need to RESEND out the request because the other request had been canceled out and considered a No-show. So I can feel my temperature starting to rise through my neck and up to my head...... So the lady keeps repeating "MA'AM I already said blah blah blah" and starts raising her voice, so I raised mine because by the time she got to the blah blah blah (oh by the way she didn't say blah blah blah, I was just done listening to her by that time) part I just tuned out. So asked, "So there is nothing you can do?", She responds "No, you need to call..." So at that point I just clicked on her and called back to VICC and informed me of the damn problem ALL OVER AGAIN. 

I told the VICC lady I didn't receive a phone call from the cab driver and told her I had also given my phone number for my job the first time I called so I don't understand why he didn't call. So she puts in another request and as of this post at 4:35pm I am waiting on cab number 2. Update, cab driver number 2 showed up at 4:45pm, so now I can shut down and get home and try to avoid the nutcases on the street who can't drive with all this freakin snow.


Until the next episode....

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