May 25, 2012

Schools OUT! (somewhat)

Well yesterday was the last day for my students. We had a talent show from 8:45a to 10:45a which showcased singers, dancers, comedians, even some gymnastics. Yet I think one of my favorite performances was when one of our special need students went up on stage and sang "Boyfriend" by Justin Beiber. I was so proud of her and so was the rest of the school that we stood up, clapping and singing along. We have so much talent in our students and each of the 16 acts showed that much potential.The end act that was by the best. We decided as a staff to do a flash mob routine to a rock song called "School's Out". The kids thought it was AWESOME and to tell the truth I had a great time in it.

Afterwards we had a kickball showdown in the gymnasium. We have 14 classroom families so the family that came out on top would meet up with teachers. So at that time I decided to leave and go to Nordstrom to get a bracelet for a coworker that was retiring. She has meant a lot to me and is simply an amazing person. She enjoys the same things as I do, especially appreciating good food and wine because she used to be a chef. She hosts wonderful parties. She is was the hostess of the wine tasting that was held earlier this year. So as I am in the Trend-Accessories department, I knew I wanted to get her an Alex & Ani bracelet. I found the most beautiful bracelet in silver and purple. Below is the black and silver bracelet version.

I kept staring at it through it's case and thought yea, "Everything happens for a reason". I think in my friend what helped her decision was the retirement package that the district was offering to teachers. So even though I will not see her this fall, I know she will be enjoying herself cycling under the Tuscany sunset come this October with her husband. So after my purchase is wrapped up I make my way back to the job after grabbing some lunch. By the time I get back, the students are on their way back to their classrooms so they can enjoy lunch with each other for the last time of this school year. The teachers had won the show down kickball game against the last family standing.

By noon they are revved up and are released to the hallways. They are singing various songs, signing yearbooks, running around giving each other hugs, signing T-shirts, including mine. At 12:30 they are released into the streets, high on sugar and excitement. I lean back in my chair and think, wow another school year coming to a close, and now we are already looking at the next year coming up. I have today and next week in peace until some of the kids come back for summer school. Yet it will be alright. It will give me time to handle business in regards to report cards, registration packets, flipping over the lockers and other mindless stuff.

Around 2:45pm my coworker and I close up shop in the office and make our way over to the Staff end of the year party at a nearby Italian restaurant called Farotto's. By the time we get there the rest of the staff are already enjoying drinks and appetizers. We settle down and enjoy three interesting montages of videos culminating from this school year's antics. The last one was in tribute to our coworker that was retiring. Many tears were shed but there were also equal smiles and bouts of laughter. At the time of opening the gifts, she saw my present and read the card. She really liked my gift. After a while we started moving around in the room and she came over to me and gave me a hug and we spoke of her trip to Italy, future parties, and another interest I plan on renewing, bike riding.

Around 5pm I said my goodbyes and had to run some errands before getting home. Every now and then I kept thinking about the saying that was on the bracelet I bought for my coworker. Everything Happens for a Reason. Earlier this week I received the responses from my Assessment test that I took last Thursday and I tell you it was astounding. I went over it with my counselor and plan on reading it more in depth this weekend.

On another note R.E.I. has a great sale going on. So for those who are cyclists, campers, or pretty much active in general, check it out.
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