May 13, 2012

Mother's Day - Every Day

 momma preggers with ME!

As you might know or least you better know, this is Mother's Day. This day is observed officially on the U.S. Calendar every second Sunday in the month of  May. Yesterday I brought in another item to "grace" my mom's kitchen to sit with the other endless appliances on her counter top that I seem to use more than she does. Yet she was excited and that was all that mattered.

This morning I woke up because my nose was doing it's normal twitching when something of a delicious scent hits. I then fully sit up and before leaving my room get my mother's day card together and take it downstairs to the kitchen where my mother has food going in full effect. I look at her and ask, "Why are you cooking?", she stated my dad was hungry and she preferred to cook versus our original plan of taking her out to Cracker Barrel for brunch. So I got into the trenches with her and helped out in anyway that I could. She is baking Cornish hens, making sweet potatoes, steam broccoli, roasting cauliflower, asparagus, and corn. Not to mention some brown rice is also on the menu. As usual when my mom cooks, she cooks a feast only fit for a queen.

As I was helping her out in the kitchen, The Morning show on CBS was on and a few of the anchors were talking about their mom's. How they were no longer around yet not a day passes by that they don't think about them. The said even with their mom's being gone for so long, one anchor her mom passed 14 years ago, another his mom passed over 30 years. My mom was nodding her head while cleaning the Cornish hens. She says, "Yep, I still miss my mom even after all this time, I think about her everyday", she then says, "I always wonder if there was something that we could have done to help prolong her life." I look at her while I'm cutting up some celery and nod to myself thinking as well.

I miss both my grandmas. I lost my dad's mom in 1992 and my mom's mom the day before my birthday in 1994. I look at some of my friends who still have their grandma's and I'm like, "wow".

Paternal grandparents

Maternal grandparents with one of their grandchildren

Yet also why I'm in the kitchen I can't help but think of 3 good friends who lost their mothers recently. One of my best friends lost her mom this past November,  a former coworker lost her mom in December, and then another former coworker lost her mom this past March. I can't even begin to think how this day is affecting them. I wonder if they are thinking about the good times they had with them. Only thing I could think is that even though they might not be here anymore physically I hope they know that their mother's spirit will be them until they are reunited.

As I'm in my room right now typing up this blog post I can't wonder but think EVERYDAY should be Mother's Day. I'm not a mom, would like to be one eventually (I think), but I can't help but think and wonder in amazement how some of my friends and family members have been able to juggle so much responsibility and still come out with a smile on their faces that let you know they wouldn't trade a day of it for anything in the world. Women are amazing. Women carry life, bring it forth, and nurture from the day the child is born (with or without help) until the last breath they carry hoping to instill their values in their kids to be passed on to future generations.

I look at my own mother and think about her childhood living on a farm and how she went against the grain and received her bachelors in education in Mississippi in her twenties. She didn't receive her Masters from Fontbonne University until my sister and I were teenagers. She always put her family first even if it meant she had to go without or wait until the right time. For that I can't say thank you enough. My mother is a soldier, having beaten breast cancer back in 2005 and faced with the possibility for the first time that I my mom could possibly die. You haven't been through a possible nervous breakdown until you have had that reality shoved right in your face. She braved that battle by herself along with close friends and family members and came out on top. She has continued to be cancer free ever since.

Is my mother perfect? Hell no, but then I dare anyone to tell me that they haven't had arguments or disagreements. It's part of life. Would I trade her in for anything? Not even if you gave me the keys to Fort Knox. Is my mom the baddest mamma jamma in the world to me? Most definitely. She is by far one of the best lady dressers I have come across and I assure I have seen few. You have not seen a "strut" unless you have seen my mom in some heels. My sis and I have her to thank for those crazy sky high heels we wear. The way she carries herself, nothing short of royalty.  Yet she has a heart full of gold and is always willing to help out.

If I ever have kids and I'm able to instill at least 1/2 of what my mother has taught me, I would say I'm off to a damn good start. Miss you Grandma Windom and Grandma Thomas.

Love you mama.

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