May 6, 2012

Kansas City - what a weekend

This past Friday my mom, sis, and myself went to Kansas City to see one of my niece's graduate from UMKC (University of Missouri - Kansas City). She received her Bachelor's in Art and Sciences and plans on going to Dentistry School at Howard University in D.C. Afterwards we along with others who came for the ceremony went to the Cheesecake Factory in the Country Club Plaza. The wait was an hour and thirty minutes so we killed some time by going next door to the HUGE Forever 21 store which has two levels. We made it back in time for dinner and afterwards we dropped off my older sister back to my niece's dorm and then the rest of us went back to the hotel to crash for the night.

 If you have not been to THIS part of Kansas City, get yourself here whenever you can. The Country Club Plaza will blow your mind away with 15 blocks of shopping and restaurants. My first trip here was last year to visit my niece and I tell ya I couldn't wait to get back. But this time I came prepared and brought my camera so I could take pictures of the architecture and some of the shops. So the next morning (5/5/12) I leave the hotel early to go down to the plaza to take pics before the shops open. My mom and sis followed shortly afterwards. We didn't meet up until around 1:30pm so I had some time to just walk around by myself and enjoy the stores.

So after all that fun we make our way back to Saint Louis. We make a quick pit stop through the Lake of Saint Louis and checkout their mall called The Meadows at Lake Saint Louis. I tell ya that is a pretty mall from what I could see but since we only spent less than 30 minutes in the place due to being so late, we vowed to come back in the near future. So then we make our way back onto Highway 40 and stop at ANOTHER shopping center, don't recall the name of that one but it was alright.

Eventually we make it home around 10:20pm and then I have to jet within 20 minutes to make it over to a girlfriend's house to watch the Mayweather and Cotto fight. I get there by the 5th round and of course Mayweather wins but Cotto did put in a good showing. I leave her place around 1am and I get home and I'm so zonked out I THINK I woke up around 10am. Oh well it's Sunday, let's see what happens:)
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