February 9, 2014

Kickin it with my girls

This past weekend I had a great time kickin it with one of my best friends Friday night and then two of them on last night.

On Friday I hooked up with my girl Danielle and we decided to catch some grub at the Hooters location out at Florissant. By the time we were done eating another friend of ours met us out there and we were just kicking it and having a good time. The funny thing about eating there that night was the music. It was just on point. I was bobbing my head while I was eating on a drumstick. I mean it was all hip hop music and it was loud. I swear they could have just moved the tables out of the way and people could just dance around while eating. It was just that kind of vibe. Yet unfortunately trouble soon came through as about 5 teenage boys walked into the place looking like they were on a mission and headed to the back of the resturant and started a fight with some other people that were already there. 

So Danielle, LaChelle, and myself high tailed it out of our booth and watched the guys run out of the place and went to the back of the parking lot. The manager offered to escort back there so we could get in our cars and we definitely did not pass up the offer. So unfortunately Friday was brought to a close with that bullshit.

Saturday evening I met up with Danielle again along with another best friend Kamina. They wanted to take me out for a pre-birthday dinner so I decided on a sushi place downtown called Takaya that Kamina had told me about. 

So I picked up Danielle from work took her home to change and then we made our way downtown. Kamina met us there around 7:30pm and we chilled out talking, having a drink, eating some great food and having a great time until the place was ready to close down. I was really happy to see my girls

Enjoyed a drink called Sex Appeal, it was Good!!!!

Love the decorum of the place, a really great spot to chill out with friends or even for a date.

Me just clowning on my phone.

Overall I had a great time with my girls and told me them we need to make it a habit to get together at least once a month to just enjoy each others company. Catch up and talk mess. LOL

Until the next episode....

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