January 21, 2014

Personal Rant: Linek Plumbing Van Idiot

Personal Rant: To the ASSHOLE this morning driving the Linek Plumbing van that was riding my ass on HWY 70 going towards Brentwood this morning and then whipped around me like you could not see the fucking snow on the ground, you are an absolute moron and a complete BUMBLEFUCK and ASSHAT. After whipping around me you then scare the hell out of the driver that was in front of you with your crazy driving and then whipped in front of her. You need to act or at least PRETEND you have some sense when it comes to weather such as this.

So if there is anyone that works with this dumb ass please inform him that he needs to be careful.

Business info where dumb fuck works:
24 Kirkham Industrial Ct.
Webster Groves, MO 63119


One pissed off morning driver who still needed to be at work at her regularly scheduled time and be in one piece while getting there.

Until the next episode....

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