January 12, 2014

Ziezo: Farewell and Thank You

Today a treasure of the Delmar Loop and a boutique that has stood the test to time closed its doors for the final today at 3pm. That boutique was Ziezo. This amazing store that was located on the corner next to the Blueberry Hill restaurant, was my go to place for jewelry and accessories. I am 34 years old and I had been shopping there since I was a young teenager. 

When I first heard the news that my favorite boutique was closing down, I actually cried. 

I was in shock and thought what could possibly being going and what was wrong. Yet when I went into the store and spoke with owner, Carol Crudden, who is amazing in her own right. She stated that everything was ok but she was ready to start a new chapter in her life and was ready to close this one. I even spoke to one of her employee's, Jess, who was just an absolute gem. She knew my jewelry tastes and would always give me a call when something came in that she thought I might be interested in. She informed me that everyone would be ok and that everyone else was going on with the next chapters of their lives. So the way I see it, if they are happy, then I'm happy for them.

I couldn't BELIEVE this vintage Singer Sewing machine that Carol actually still uses!

Through her boutique I had been able to pick some beautiful pieces of jewelry and other accessories (scarves, sunglasses, and shoes) that I have received just countless compliments on. What really made her boutique stand out it was the fact that it wasn't a sparkly aka girly boutique. You found some alternative items and other things that were just simply "out the box" but if you were bold enough to pull them off, well then everyone else had better watch out.

I knew that I wanted to buy a thank you gift for Carol. So I decided to visit another boutique that I enjoy that specializes in jewelry and accessories called Sparkle Boutique located near the Kirkwood Amtrak station. So I decided on two items for Carol that I bought and gave to her on December 27th.

1st item - A bracelet to say Thank You for everything.
2nd item - A bag of Lavender bath salts so she could finally soak away all the stress and finally be able to RELAX and admire all the work she has done.
Throughout the weeks in December, discounts started at 40% and steady went up all the way to 70% until the doors closed. So you know I made sure pick up some items. I picked up some more jewelry, another scarf and head band on my first go around after the store closing announcement.

Then I went again for the final time this past Saturday with my mom. I took a few more pictures and sent the out to my friends via the various social media networks so they could also check out the deals.

My final purchase from Ziezo were the following items and they all came to 70 bucks:)

It's really sad for me to see Ziezo close up shop. This boutique along with another one that closed right across the street from Ziezo back in 2005 called FARU were my two main places for unique items. Now they are both gone... So to Carol and (Helen, owner of FARU) I have to say THANK  YOU for bringing such wonderful stores to the Delmar Loop. Carol your unique fashion sense will be a challenge to find in other STL boutiques, but I welcome the opportunity to see what other boutiques have to offer. I wish you happiness with your future endeavors. I know most people say they wish you luck, but you don't need it. Whatever you do, you won't need luck. You have the experience to make it happen.

Until the next episode....

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