January 16, 2014

Pinot's Palette - An evening of art, wine, and friends

Last night I had the opportunity to do something that I have been wanting to do for quite some time. A friend of mine had posted on Facebook about a wine/painting party and it was free! So I decided to take advantage of the deal and even reposted out to some other friends. So I have to say thank you to my friend Caprice posting to my friends news feed so I could see the event and to the TV show Cougar Town for picking up the tab!

So after registering for the event and forwarding it to my friends, I made sure to put it on my calendar. When I tell you I was actually counting down days to this, that should tell you how excited I was. Monday night I made sure to put two bottles of wine in the fridge to have them chilled and also had prepped some fruits as well. So then the morning of the event I took my special insulated roll-a-way bag and stocked it with my items and put it in my trunk.

After work I went to a memorial service for an acquaintance and then afterwards made my way out to Chesterfield for the wine/painting party. The email I recommended being their by 6:30pm even though the event didn't start until 7pm. I got down there by 5:40pm because I knew traffic was going to be a nightmare so I decided to grab some dinner before making my way over to Pinot's Palette. I was the first to arrive for the event and got myself situated. I took a few pictures of the place.

Samantha, who was one of the instructors greeted me at the door and informed of where I would be sitting as well as showed me an area where I could put my personal items. She also told me that everyone that came was also getting a free swag bag with some goodies inside.

 I also had to make sure to get in a picture of my cute roll-a-way bag as well.

My cute roll-a-way bag

So shortly after arriving my girlfriend Cassandra shows up and we are chatting away until the event starts. We also meet another young lady by the name of Devin who happens to also be friends with Caprice. Caprice shows up shortly and we are just chilling until the event starts there are about 20 folks there. Another one of our friends was suppose to come but unfortunately had to cancel (I have a quick story about that at the end of this blog post. lol)

So we finally get started and Samantha introduces herself and informs us that she will be covering the first part of the painting lesson and then another lady by the name of Jennifer will finish up. She will still be there but will be going around to assist. After that she presents the painting that we will be doing.

Here is Samantha

This painting is called - Wine with Jules

 She also informs us that this event was sponsored by the TV Show Cougar Town. So to them I say THANK YOU very much.

Now we are finally start on our blank canvases, overall the project took about 2 hours. I really enjoyed it along with the music they were playing in the back ground. People were laughing having a good time and of course the wine was flowing along with the snacks that people were nibbling on. Cassandra's painting is on the left and mine is on the right.


I also made sure to take pictures of Caprice's masterpiece as well.

Then afterwards we took a big group photo which I was trying to find on their website and then a few photos of lil group.

A few more pics of my masterpiece:)

Now last but DEFINITELY not least...remember my friend that canceled? Well Cassandra and I found out that not only had she signed up not once but TWICE for the event, but what made it really funny was that on their print out sheet they had her by her correct name but at the table where she would have been seated TWICE, they had spelled her name wrong. So in honor of my girlfriend I will show you her before and after of her painting(s).



Overall I had a BLAST and I plan on going to more events at this location and some other ones located around Saint Louis. I found a great article that actually does give locations of other wine/painting parties.

Until the next episode....

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